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The Living Word: Samaritan Setup

Samaritan Setup

John 4:1-15
C.S. Lewis said, “You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death. It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong as long as you are merely using it to cord a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice. Wouldn’t you then first discover how much you really trusted it?”
Belief without Trust isn’t Belief at all.

To Understand the Benefits of Believing, Look at:

* The Setting of Samaria ~ John 4:1-6

  • 1/3 concern: a movement of people seeking a connection to God that bypasses the Temple/Organized Religion; this Scripture isn’t about being “a better church goer”
  • 4/6 The physical setting: about 2 days walk from Jerusalem

* An Unconventional Conversation ~ John 4:7-10

  • 7/8 Jesus needs this woman’s help; she’s the only one there with a bucket; WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT JESUS CAN USE?
  • 9 woman knows Jesus is breaking social convention; she’s asking about His motives; WHAT DOES JESUS ASK YOU TO DO THAT IS UNCONVENTIONAL?
  • 10 “if you only knew what was really going on with you and God” you would ASK; WHAT DO YOU ASK GOD FOR? WHAT **SHOULD** YOU BE ASKING FOR?

* An Understandable Curiosity ~ John 4:11-15

  • 11 her 1st Question: How can you meet my needs?
  • 12 her 2nd Question: Who Are you?
  • 13/14 Jesus answers her need; WHAT NEED CAN JESUS ANSWER FOR YOU?
  • 15 Notice she doesn’t get her 2nd Q answered BEFORE she trusts Jesus to meet her needs; She trusts before she knows. DO YOU?

Can this be our example? Can we meet other’s needs BEFORE we lead them to faith in Jesus? Is that part of the process?

Snapshots from Mark: Misunderstanding The Miraculous

Snapshots from Mark: Misunderstanding The Miraculous Sermon Audio Here

Mark 16:1-8

Your body is lined with a network of fluid-filled cavities that—until now—were unknown to science. The team that made that discovery thinks the cavities qualify as a new human organ, which they’ve dubbed the “interstitium,” Live Science reports. After death, it isn’t visible. The first disciples didn’t understand the Resurrection: because they were looking for death when they encountered LIFE.

What Can Happen When God Does The Unexpected?

We Miss the Miracle ~ Mark 16:1-3

  • 1 Doing what is expected: anointing the body for long term burial
  • 2/3 Focused on their duty, they’re unprepared for obstacles

We Misunderstand the Miracle ~ Mark 16:4-7

  • 4 God’s already taken care of the obstacles
  • 5/6 young man=unnoticed angel; the message is more important than the messenger (true for us, too!)
  • 7 remind others the truth of what Jesus has already said (Mk 14:28)

We’re Muted by the Miracle ~ Mark 16:8

  • 8 They don’t do what they’re told because they don’t understand

WE don’t require understanding of God’s ways for obedience. Wwe may WANT it, but it’s not required!
1. Acts 9: Ananias told to pray for Saul, is told WHY;
2. Acts 10: Peter is given a vision, is told the message, and STILL DOESN’T GET IT

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