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Learning from Luke: Blessings and Woes

Just trying something new: I’m going to post this at 8:30am on Sunday morning as a reminder – Please come to church this morning. Let’s join together in worship and study, and share the Spirit with each other. Here’s what we’ll be reading:

Learning from Luke: Blessings and Woes Sermon Audio Here

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Luke 6:17-26

I’m not a big fan of the word “should” it implies obligation where one might not exist. But in certain circumstances, SHOULD can be a very powerful encouragement…

When Jesus Speaks, Every Christian SHOULD

Respond To The Setting
Luke 6:17-19 – recognize that Jesus speaks to all, not just us

  • v17 A condensed version of Matthew’s sermon on the mount; people from many different places drawn to Jesus
  • v18 we come to hear; we come to be healed of what troubles us
  • v19 we come to Christ to be changed

Receive The Blessing
Luke 6:20-23 – God’s grace is freely given, but must be received

  • v20 Blessed: happy because God *notices* you; poor: those who live without, for they will receive abundantly in God’s Kingdom
  • v21 Notice the NOW; blessing (happy response to God’s notice) WILL result; God will be our satisfaction
  • v22 God knows when you are put down for His name; He will lift you up
  • v23 WHEN you realize what God is doing, you’ll jump for joy in response

Remember The Warning
Luke 6:24-26 – Jesus warns everyone the dangers of self-reliance

  • v24 Woe: sad because you’re on your own; place your trust in riches, and crowd God out
  • v25 If the Kingdom of God is BOTH present AND future; to place all of your happiness and satisfaction on what happens NOW at the expense of eternity is an awful price to pay
  • v26 false prophets were plastered with pleasing words

If no one corrects you, if everyone flatters you, rest assured that the lack of honest examination does you no good BOTH today and in eternity. Look to God first for your happiness.

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