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Thoughts on Scripture study

Because it did strike me that I had been wanting to interrogate the Bible, I was a literary critic by training, and what literary critics do is they interrogate things. And so it struck me that I was in the posture of the interrogator. It did make me wonder though. The whole premise of an inerrant and inspired Bible – the premise of it is that the Bible then interrogates you. You don’t interrogate it. And the justification for that is that the Bible is written by a holy God. And I had to stop and think for a moment because, you know, if God did create the heavens and the earth and everything, and if God did set apart a people for himself before he made the stars and the sand, you know every little leaf on a tree, then nothing is higher than God. And therefore, God does have the authority to interrogate me.” (The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith, by Dr. Rosaria Butterfield)

I’m posting this quote here because:

  1. I thought it was really insightful – we read the Bible… and the Bible reads us.
  2. I’m going to want to use this in a sermon someday, but it doesn’t really fit for anything I’m preaching soon.
  3. Because it doesn’t YET fit — but it’s too good to not use — I want to remember that I read it, and my blog is a good spot for these kinds of things.

So, I’ll tag this under “sermon fodder” so I’ll know to return to it someday. It will be interesting to see how long this will take before it’s used. Hopefully, I’ll remember to update this post whenever I use this quote.

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