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Lingering in Worship: Qualifying

Lingering in Worship: Qualifying Sermon Audio Here

Ezra 2:1ff; Col. 1:9-14; Rom. 8:26-30

There’s been a shift in the meaning “qualified”: originally, it meant “to invest with a quality”, as in “I qualified him fit for duty”. NOW it means “to be entitled by fulfilling a necessary position”, as in “you can’t race in the Boston Marathon until you’ve qualified for it.” We’ve heard the phrase “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.” But what does that mean for US?

God INVESTS in the Qualified; So…

WHO are the Qualified? ~ Ezra 2:1 and following

  • 1 from last week: God moved these people’s hearts; NOW their bodies have followed
  • 36-43 Priests: you’d expect priests, Levites, and temple workers to go rebuild the temple. Vested interest (The VESTED)
  • 55 “descendants of Solomon’s servants” people who have already been involved often keep going (The TESTED)
  • 59 “couldn’t show they were from Israel” SOMETIMES the vision to do something for God is so compelling, that the unexpected show up (The REST)

WHAT do the Qualified Receive? ~ Colossians 1:9-14

  • 9 knowledge, wisdom
  • 10 life, fruit, growth
  • 11 strength, power, endurance, patience, joy
  • 12 thankfulness, inheritance
  • 13 rescue, relationship
  • 14 The Qualified -> The Redeemed

WHY are we Qualified? ~ Romans 8:26-30

  • 26 we’re weak
  • 27 we’re spoken for
  • 28 we’re called to HIS purpose
  • 29 we’re IN PROCESS
  • 30 The Qualified -> The Redeemed -> The Glorified (to become like Jesus)

God has INVESTED you with what He wants you to have (the old meaning of qualified), and THAT makes you ELIGIBLE AND ABLE to participate in the race He’s set before you (like the newer meaning). The whole POINT of our faith is to become like Jesus. God started it; God will finish it!

Snapshots from Mark: Weighing Wealth

Snapshots from Mark: Weighing Wealth Sermon Audio Here

Mark 10:17-31

I recently read an article about a math whiz taking advantage of a lottery; he amassed millions before being shut down. He was more upset about losing the opportunity to use a mathematical loophole than he was about not making money. His attitude reminded me of this section of Scripture…

Warnings About Wealth From The Word

The Problem of Self-Measurement ~ Mark 10:17-22

  • 17 inherit= recognition of relation to God; if God has adopted us into His family, it’s reasonable to ask HOW that is accomplished. THAT is what the man is asking: Do I really belong to God?
  • 18/19 Jesus responds with “keep the Commandments”
  • 20/21 Jesus challenges him to go BEYOND the expected observance of the law, and to give his very SELF away: get rid of everything, and come and follow me. Jesus gave this invitation to very few people directly.
  • 22 Face fell: notice the wide swing of emotion – man ran up and threw himself of Jesus feet in excitement… and then slumped down dejected. Is it possible this man was paying more attention to how he FELT about following Jesus than actually following Jesus? Is that possible for us?

The Paradox of De-Treasurement ~ Mark 10:23-31

  • 23/25 difficulty for the rich to let go of being defined as “rich”; money **shouldn’t** be the thing you use to measure your self-worth, but often is. THAT’s what Jesus warns us about, because if He is to be LORD, that means He gets control of ALL of your life – including what you use to define yourself
  • 26/27 Peter points out this goes against our human nature; Jesus agrees, but the whole POINT of salvation is the REPLACEMENT of our human nature with our SPIRITUAL nature
  • 28/30 Pete: “what about us?” Jesus: yeah, you’re in… AND you’ll receive real-world benefits as well, although that’s not the point – eternity with God is the goal

31 The invitation to the rich man must have shook the disciples (based on Peter’s reaction); Jesus is reminding them that God’s Economy isn’t based on wealth, or status, or worldly measure. We give up our SELVES so that Christ is LORD. That’s how it works.

Posts from 1 Peter: Faith is Precious

Posts from 1 Peter: Faith is Precious Sermon Audio Here

1 Peter 1:17-23

We’ve been looking at different aspects of our new life in Christ. We’re risen WITH Christ; we live with hope; we’ve been GIVEN faith.

Appreciate Your Precious Faith By

Reminding Yourself of the Truth ~ 1 Peter 1:17-19

  • v17 KJV “pass the time of your sojourning” REMEMBER: we are on a JOURNEY; what do you differently when you’re traveling versus when you’re at home?
  • v18 “you were redeemed” REMEMBER: YOU are BOUGHT and PAID FOR; how often do you remind yourself that you have VALUE?
  • v19 notice the sacrificial language from Leviticus; REMEMBER: Christ is the only acceptable offering; Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

Remaining in Him with Faith ~ 1 Peter 1:20-21

  • v20 Christ’s sacrifice was God’s plan ALL ALONG; our sin doesn’t catch God off guard
  • v21 Our faith is both a gift from and BASED IN God; our faith isn’t something we “work up”; when we are faithless, it’s because we’re not using what we already have

Regarding Each Other’s Worth ~ 1 Peter 1:22-23

  • v22 “purified yourselves by obeying” – in the same way that the Old Testament saints participated in the sacrificial system; THEY didn’t purify themselves, God did through the actions of the priestly system (and only temporary). We don’t make ourselves better; Jesus has done the work, and we just admit we need it
  • v23 “through the living word” NOT only and primarily the Bible; this is the LOGOS, John 1:1. JESUS is the Living Word! JESUS will remain forever! And because we are connected to Christ because of our gifted faith, we ALSO are Living and Abiding forever with God.

Psalm 116:16 O LORD, truly I am your servant; I am your servant, the son of your maidservant; you have freed me from my chains.

He gave us faith to set us free: USE IT !

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