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Learning from Luke: Presenting in Faith

Learning from Luke: Presenting in Faith Sermon Audio Here

Luke 2:22-38

Brown highway signs indicate “historic spots”, of recreational or cultural interest. These aren’t planned; history HAPPENS. What “markers” might you encounter as you live your life?

park sign

Potholes State Park Sign

As Our Lives Unfold, We Discover:

Simple Faithfulness Leads to Praise
Luke 2:22-32

  • v22/24 Mary and Joseph, presenting their child, were moved by the Word
  • v25/27 Simeon, waiting for Messiah to appear, was moved by the Spirit
  • v28/32 Simeon was moved to praise God by Mary & Joseph’s faithfulness to the Word

Lifelong Faithfulness Leads to Reflection
Luke 2:33-38

  • v33/35 Reminder: Life of Faith not always easy
  • v36/38 Reminder: Life of Faith not always fast; God’s time, not ours

The rest of the chapter gives us a snapshot of Jesus’ life as a boy; He was living out a life of faithfulness as He saw modeled from His earthly parents. Vs 52: He grew in stature and favor with God and man. May our lives unfold in such a way that this is true of us as well.

Conduits of Glory

Conduits of Glory Sermon Audio Here

2 Samuel 7:1-11

God is creator of glory; what’s our part? Solar tube for Jesus!

How Do We Honor God Everyday?

Don’t Miss The Amazing!
2 Sam. 7:1-11 God’s Message To David

  • v1/3 Intro: I should do build a house for God!
  • v4-7 God: Did I ask for that?
  • v8/11 God: I’ve been with you; I made your name great; I will provide; I will give rest; I will build a house for YOU, David!

=> How often do we think we have to do something amazing for God, and yet miss that God has already done amazing things for and IN us?

Give Back the Glory!
Rom. 16:25-27 Return the Honor God’s shown to you

  • v25 God establishes us through Good News of Jesus
  • v26 made known in Scripture, so all would believe
  • v27 God gets glory from us THROUGH Jesus

God gives us life and glory because of Jesus. We give God glory right back through Jesus; in living for Him, focusing on Him, lifting up Jesus, we confirm that God’s choice of us was RIGHT! (He knew that, we didn’t)

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