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Devotionals Online: 06

The Day of the Lord
Verses to Read: 1 Thes. 5:1-11
There’s a wonderful song that’s a favorite of mine: People Get Ready by Margaret Becker. The concept in the song is that Christ could be coming back at any time, and we’ve got to be ready to go. What do you need to do to get ready to leave on vacation? Now how would that be different if you knew you were going to be leaving for good?
The Thessalonians were getting some pretty mixed up advice about how to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Paul sets them straight, and encourages them to be sober minded as they think about what they need to be doing in their lives.

This is great advice for me as well – to be sober minded as I think about what I need to get done. I have no idea how long I’ll be on the planet – so while I’m here, I want to be like Jesus, and be about “my Father’s business”.

Lord, make me aware of not only what I need to do, but who I’ll be working with, and for WHOM I am working (I’m serving You, not just the ideals that You laid out). Amen.

People, get ready… there’s a train a’comin…

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Online Devotionals: 05

People Get Ready
Verses to Read: 1 Thes. 4:13-28
When I became a follower of Jesus, I was taught that God was going to “vanish” all of the people of God at any given moment… and that if you weren’t ready to go, you’d be left behind. This was a teaching that was originally designed to give hope, but because it was based in fear, it ended up causing more anxiety than hope.
Paul was dealing with people who were being told wrong things about the final Ressurection in Thessolonika as well. To give them hope, he spelled out the “final countdown” of how God would rescue all of the people of the Kingdom. It’s very simple, and doesn’t have a lot of date-specific details. MUCH more hopeful.

I need to remember that God WILL rescue all of us who are part of the Kingdom – and to do whatever I can to encourage as many as possible to be a part of that Kingdom as well. But GOD is the one who does the rescue; I’m just doing my small part, and staying hopeful.

Closing Prayer: Lord God, come quickly. But if you choose to wait, please use me to expand your Kingdom while I’m waiting for You. Amen.

Showing my age: “It’s the Final Countdown!” (from the band Europe)

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