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Psalm-Prompted Prayer

adoration Here is a prayer based on C.A.S.T.L.E. – Confession, Adoration, Supplication, Thanksgiving, Listening, and Experience, prompted by various Psalms.

Lord of All, You are our hiding place. You protect us from trouble. You surround us with joyous songs of salvation. But there are times when our lives are discordant to You, when our hearts get so out of tune with You that we decide we’re going to play our own song instead of following your direction. When we make our sins known to you, and do not cover up our guilt, that is the sweetest music to Your hears, God. When we decide to confess them to you, O LORD, then you forgive all our sins. Let’s pause for just a moment and do that now: if there is anything on our heart that needs to be confessed, let’s give it to God.

Hear these promises from Scripture: Blessed is the person whose disobedience is forgiven and whose sin is pardoned. Blessed is the person whom the LORD no longer accuses of sin and who has no deceitful thoughts.

Thank you, God, for your mercy to us. We want to give to You the glory Your name deserves; to worship You in Your awe-inspiring presence. Even though You have given us eternity in which to praise You, we’ll never even get close to fully describing just how amazing You are. To praise God to our fullest ability is a task worthy of eternity, and we thank You for the honor of getting started on it even this morning.

O God, hear our prayer, and open your ears to the words from our hearts. You are Yahweh Ezer, God our helper! You are Jehovah Jireh, The Lord our Provider for our lives. We will give thanks to your good name, O LORD. Your name rescues us from every trouble; and so we lift up the names and situations that trouble us, and we trust that You, Yahweh Uzam, the Lord our Strength in Trouble, will be strong where we are weak, and be powerfully known in our times of trouble.

Who You are is shown in Your Name, Lord – you are the I AM, the One who is always with us, even right now. Because of who You are, You prompt us to become like Your Son, Jesus. Hear us as we pray as He taught us to pray, saying Our Father…

Psalm 50 Prayer

Here is another prayer, based on Psalm 50:1-5, that would be suitable for use in worship.

You are The Mighty One, God our LORD, and You call us and speak to us from the rising of the sun to its setting. As we meet together in this place, we ask that You would join our hearts together with You, and with all those throughout the world who are lifting up Your name. We are part of Your Kingdom, Lord – help us to see it with Your perspective.

Whether from far-away Jerusalem-city-of-God, or from our own town, God, You shine. We look for Your glory, Lord, here in this place. We pray for peace in Jerusalem, in Egypt, in Bahrain and Libya, and ask that Your glory would draw people to peace in those places. We pray for the people who are caught up in these conflicts. We all long for peace, Lord, and ask that Your glory would be shown in these times.

Our God comes; You do not keep silence; around You swirls the mighty force of nature. We have felt the wind in this place; let it remind us of the movement of Your Spirit in our own lives. Rushing Wind, sweep through us, and make us clean; may we be propelled by the Spirit as we face this new week.

You call to the heavens above and to the earth, that You may judge Your people: “Come closer to Me, my faithful ones, who made a promise to live with me!” We have heard Your call, Lord, and we pray for all of those who have not yet responded to You. Open their hearts to Your love and grace. For those who are struggling with physical illness, we ask that You would bring healing to them. We’ve mentioned some of these names, but there are so many more, Father. Be their Healer. For those we know who are in crisis, we ask for Your intervention; be known to them, God, so that they can in turn, respond to You.

Lord, we hear the words of the Psalm to come closer to You, and ask that You would do whatever You need to do in us to draw us to Yourself, and to make us like Christ. We lift our hearts to You with this prayer that we pray together. Make us one, as we pray: OUR FATHER…

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