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Snapshots from Mark: The Main Thing

Snapshots from Mark: The Main Thing Sermon Audio Here

Mark 12:28-34

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Steven R. Covey, Scott Krippayne But ZEROING in on the main thing is no easy thing: the Choice is between good, better, and BEST…

What’s The Main Thing?

Love God ~ Mark 12:28-30

  • 28 Good question: what IS most important? Let’s be honest: we spend a LOT of our lives searching for meaning and purpose… and all too often, we leave God out of the picture
  • 29 Reminder: LISTEN (Shema) Important to listen to what God says to us
  • 30 Love God with EVERYTHING you have: not just a Sunday/Easter/Christmas thing. ALL IN (you can’t be a little bit pregnant: you either are, or you’re not)

Love People ~ Mark 12:31-34

  • 31 Shema was the most famous OT quote to Israel; Leviticus 19=more obscure (e.g., don’t wear clothes made of two kinds of material; don’t shave; don’t eat fruit from a new tree for 3 years) AND YET nestled in this obscure chapter Jesus says is found the second most important part of the entire Torah: love of neighbor
  • 32/33 the questioner agrees with Jesus: LOVE more important than religious duty
  • 34 “not far from Kingdom of God” – not enough to KNOW – we actually have to CHOOSE LOVE DAILY

Not a typical Easter sermon. We’re in the midst of a study in the book of Mark, and this is just what came up in the text. But it’s incredibly appropriate for Resurrection Sunday: Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross showed how much God loved us to make a way for us to love Him back; Jesus’ Resurrection showed that God loved us enough to show us that He wants us to know Him as FRIEND, not just Savior.

Learning from Luke: The First Hated Disciple

Learning from Luke: The First Hated Disciple Sermon Audio Here

Luke 5:27-39

Jesus said “blessed are you when men hate you because of Me” – how frustrated I was when people hated me not because of Jesus, but just because I was weird.

Followers of Jesus Must Prepare To Be

Hated Because of their Old Life
Luke 5:27-32 Levi’s Old Life Left Behind

  • v27 Jesus calls in the midst of life
  • v28 and Levi left everything to follow
  • v29 Levi invites friends to meet Jesus
  • v30 This will tick off the uber-religious
  • v31 Reminder: a doctor cannot heal from a distance
  • v32 Jesus’ ultimate goal: to bring sinners to Himself

Hated Because of their New Life
Luke 5:33-39 Jesus’ New Life Lessons Taught

  • v33 uber-religious focus on outward activity as a SIGN of repentance
  • v34/5 Jesus focuses on freedom in relationship as a RESULT of repentance
  • v36/37 two lessons: 1) old and new don’t mix well; 2) you must account for the movement of the new (shrinking of cloth, expansion of wine)
  • v38 The moving power of the Gospel belongs in people who will move with it
  • v39 those accustomed to the old don’t want the new

Beware: we can become so accustomed to our old way of doing things that we refuse to be flexible when it comes to God’s movement. Our solution: look at Jesus (Heb. 12:2)

The Messiah’s Ministry: Life Over Death

Matthew 28:1-10

Audio of April 20, 2014 sermon

One of the best privileges of being a minister is seeing new life at the altar; bride & groom becoming one; mourning families realizing their loved one is with Jesus; watching the face of a baby as she’s baptized and the family’s response – coming to the altar is a recognition that we aren’t alone, that God works with us to help us recognize that we are NOT Him!

An “Altared” Life Engages

* God’s Work in Our Sorrow
1-4 Dealing with the unexpected
v1 went to look at the Tomb
v2 earth-shaking effects will happen
v3/4 some can’t handle God’s work

* Our Work in God’s Scenario
5-7 Responding to the Master’s Plan
v5 remember: do not be afraid
v6 investigate: come and see
v7 share: go and tell

* Our Walk with God’s Savior
8-10 Living with a new nature
v8 fill with joy
v9 come to worship
v10 expect to see

Jesus’ life and teaching shows us the character of God and the nature of His Kingdom; Jesus’ death on the cross paid the ultimate price for our sin; Jesus’ Resurrection means that we, like Christ, have NEW LIFE that will last forever! What will you experience as you walk with Jesus?

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