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The Road To Resurrection: Short Sighted

The Road To Resurrection: Short Sighted

John 8:48-59

I broke my glasses last week, and took the opportunity to get a new eye exam. I now have a new eyeglass prescription – takes some getting used to!

The Spiritually Short-sighted Can’t

Keep The Whole Picture In Focus ~ John 8:48-53
(they can see the Big E, but not the fine print)

  • 48 follow up from last week: they can’t even concede that they DON’T serve God; instead they flip the idea (Samaritan=ungodly mish-mash of pagan/Caananite and old Jewish teaching)
  • 49/51 The RESULT of Actual Truth: Eternal Life
  • 52 short-sighted: Jews only focused on physical reality, when Jesus has been talking about spiritual reality the whole time

=> extension cord example: the END isn’t the point – the LENGTH is!

  • 53 Remember this question: it’s the setup for the entire Gospel truth!

See The Crucial Details ~ John 8:54-59
(focus on the unimportant and miss the rest)

  • 54/5 notice: Jesus does what He asks US to do: Keep God’s Word (cf. v51)
  • 56 cf Gen 12:3; “he saw it and was glad” =Jesus KNEW Abraham’s inner state
  • 57 again, His detractors are short-sighted, only focusing on their life of flesh
  • 58 Jesus’ use of “I am” is a direct reference to Exodus 3, when Moses asked God’s name, and God replied with “I AM WHOM I AM”
  • 59 The Jews KNOW what Jesus meant, and thought it was blasphemy – and deserving of death. IT’S NOT BLASPHEMY BECAUSE IT IS TRUE

Just like the crowd waving the Palm Branches, we can look at Jesus with a distorted viewpoint (like a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription). If we want to understand Jesus, we have to take a longer look…

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