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Learning from Luke: It Still Works!

Learning from Luke: It Still Works! Sermon Audio Here

Luke 4:16-24

I’ve been in India for the last two weeks, working with India Community Fellowship. (The following information is taken from their training, but any misspellings are purely my own fault.) I could spend hours telling you about our adventures, but instead, let me draw your attention to one crucial fact:

Jesus Is Still Doing This Work Today

Jao means GO
Luke 4:18vs 18 – He has sent me

  • We went and went and went — Pastor Phillip had us on the go for most of the time we were there!

Sunao means PREACH
Luke 4:18vs 18 – anointed me to preach

  • I preached three Sunday sermons, two for believers, and one for an evangelistic meeting.

Luke 4:18vs 18 – proclaim freedom for the prisoners

  • The majority of the ministry that Jami and I did was discipleship. I taught 1 & 2 Timothy line by line, verse by verse in 9 sessions, each lasting about 90 minutes. I worked with 12 church planters who minister in North and central India.
  • Jami worked with the women, some from the local village, and some from central India.
  • We did two joint sessions, one on youth ministry, and one on worship and drama.

Dubao means BAPTIZE
Luke 4:18vs 18 – recovery of sight to the blind

  • I had the awesome opportunity to baptize 3 people on the local river. We had to go to an out of the way spot because of the very real threat of persecution. And yes, the river was mountain snow fed, and quite cold. They shut their eyes to the cold water, and when they came up, they saw the world in a whole new way as a baptized believer.

Sikhao means TEACH
Luke 4:18vs 18 – To release the oppressed

  • Finally, on our last day, we were able to go to an I.C.F. development center, where neighborhood children are tutored for free as a way of making relational connections within the Muslim community. Jami told a story to the little ones, and I spoke to the older children about the importance of continued study as a means of personal growth.

God is still doing his work here as well. We lift one another on prayer, encourage growth through study, and share our lives with our surrounding world in fellowship.

Practical Sanctification

Practical Sanctification Sermon Audio Here

Isaiah 61:1-11
A farmer, when training a new hand, says: “watch me; pay attention”. The new hand WILL be expected to do the job for which he is being trained.

How is God Making Us Holy?

Through The Mission of the Messiah
Isa. 61:1-4 What did Jesus come to DO?

  • v1 HE binds hearts, proclaims freedom, sets prisoners free
  • v2 shout grace & warn wrath, comfort the mourning
  • v3 provides for the grieving; exchanges beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning, praise for despair
  • v4 result for those who receive His ministry: righteousness that withstands storms for God’s glory
  • v5 THEY become rebuilders and restorers, they will renew the world by God’s grace

By The Means of the Messiah
Isa. 61:8-11 How did Jesus’ faithfulness effect us?

  • v8/9 Yahweh to Messiah: HIS righteousness releases HIS faithfulness in us
  • v10 Messiah to Yahweh: God prepared Jesus as Messiah
  • v11 God does that same prep work in US as well!

With The Method of the Messiah
1 Thes. 5:16-24 What does this prep work look like?

  • v16/18 joyful prayers of thanksgiving always (joy: NOT happiness; a trust in the rightness of God’s plan which leads to a sense of well-being)
  • v19/20 don’t limit the work of the Spirit in you; listen for His voice!
  • v21/22 Double check what you hear; hold the good, reject the bad

Close: v23/24 God is making you holy; He does – we watch. We learn, we help, but He does the work IN & THROUGH us.

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