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Aha Moments: God’s Guest List

Aha Moments: God’s Guest List

Matthew 8:5-13

Not everyone is comfortable in new or different environments. Some people just can’t picture themselves doing a different thing, so they always do what they’ve always done. But what if the Jesus that’s being rejected is just some bad misunderstanding of who He really is? How can we encourage others to truly interact with Jesus?

Go Beyond Invitation

Support the Seeker’s Search ~ Matthew 8:5-9

  • 5 non-Jewish military man seeks out a rabbi; this is WEIRD
  • 6 notice nothing is asked; the centurion just states the facts
  • 7 Jesus: heal=I will serve/cure/restore (not a super definite word)
  • 8 centurion: heal=cure! (more certain)
  • 9 modern vernacular: SAY THE WORD

Foster the Seeker’s Faith ~ Matthew 8:10-13

  • 10 centurion faith isn’t in God whom he can’t see, but Jesus right in front of him
  • 11 reminder: the Kingdom is larger than redeemed Israelites
  • 12 “subjects of the kingdom” → the natural nation of Israel; we have to remember that there is a difference between the chosen people of God Israel and the political state of Israel
  • 13 The command we ignore here? GO!

If we believe that Jesus is doing is work, then we’re to trustingly GO. Ask yourself: where are you supposed to be GOING?

Matthew 8:18-27 ~ Confirm the Kingdom 35

Matthew 8:18-27 ~ Confirm the Kingdom
350 years before Jesus was born, Aristotle taught heavy objects fell faster than lighter ones, and that idea persisted for 2000 years. Galileo proved that objects fall at the same rate in the late 1500’s. It took almost 200 years for Galileo’s proof to overturn Aristotle’s popular-but-wrong idea.
Jesus knew that God’s Kingdom was different than the popular idea – but to communicate that concept to the average person was a challenge.
To Belong to God’s Kingdom:
Count The Cost To Follow Christ (Matthew 8:18-22)
See The Savior, not The Storm (Matthew 8:23-27)
Jesus’ authority is a REFLECTION of WHO He IS. He is Lord of Heaven and Earth – when we recognize that in our own lives, our inner storms will also be at peace.

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