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Bread From Heaven: Sustenance of the Savior

Bread From Heaven: Sustenance of the Savior Sermon Audio Here

John 6:51-58

Last week’s challenge: eat with your mouth AND eat with your soul. How does one “eat with the soul”? Soul Food, a term commonly associated with African-American and Southern cooking, refers to inexpensive foods that were readily available to the poorest of the poor. Soul Food is comfort food; reinforcing family and community. Jesus provides us “soul food” as well; He offers sustenance for our soul, way for us to stay connected to the Father through faith.
What Is “Soul Food”?

  • John 6:51 we must take in Jesus’ sacrifice for us – It’s PRIMARY
  • John 6:52 a good question! How DO we “eat” – it’s PURPOSEFUL
  • John 6:53 incorporate Jesus sacrifice into ourselves;
    • must become core part of us – It’s PERSONAL
  • John 6:54 Christ in us, the hope of glory!
  • John 6:55 rabbinical warning: don’t go TOO symbolic it’s PLAIN
  • John 6:56 remains in me; don’t take this too literally;
    • Christ abide in us, and we in Him it’s a PICTURE
  • John 6:57 Jesus models life through submission;
    • expects it of us – it’s PROMISING
  • John 6:58 dependence upon God to sustain leads to eternal life; remember it’s a PRACTICE

Have you ever had a meal that was so good, you thought it should be the last meal you’d need to eat? As if to say, that was so good, I don’t ever need to eat again? However much we may feel that way after a great meal, we recognize that it’s not true… in a few short hours, you’ll need to eat again. It’s how our systems are designed to work: we consistently need to provide our bodies with fuel to continue to function. Our spirits have a similar need as well. We are saved by the work of Christ, and that is a finished task. However, we need to continue to “eat”, to allow God’s presence to satisfy our spirit, to take in “soul food”. That’s why we come to church, it’s why we read Scripture, it’s why we pray and live and love and fellowship with each other. It is all part of partaking of the Bread of Life – Christ in us, our hope of glory: the Mystery made manifest among us.

Bread From Heaven: Pointing to the Prophet

Bread From Heaven: Pointing to the Prophet Sermon Audio Here

John 6:1-21

Misunderstanding Manna from the Messiah – The Jews had this idea that the Promised One, the Messiah, would be like the ultimate prophet – that He would incorporate all of best features of all of the biggest prophets from Torah. Manna from Heaven was a big deal from the prophet Moses – and so the Messiah must be able to provide bread from heaven as well. But the people misunderstood what the Messiah was to do for them…

Setting Us Straight about the Meaning of Manna

Jesus Sustains Us
John 6:1-15

  • v1/6 Jesus recognizes our need
  • v7/9 What can Jesus do with our meager offerings?
  • v10/13 Jesus gives back to us what we give to Him
  • v14/15 we can misinterpret Jesus’ intentions

Jesus Startles Us
John 6:16-12

  • v19/20 Jesus can do the unexpected in our lives;
  • remember DON’T FEAR; it’s Jesus!

When God does something you don’t expect, DON’T PANIC; remember your relationship with Him!

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