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Snapshots from Mark: Opening Ears

Snapshots from Mark: Opening Ears Sermon Audio Here

Mark 7:24-37

The overall message of Mark’s Gospel is that God is at work among us through Jesus’ ministry. Jesus SHOWS the Kingdom of God instead of just talking about it. The Gospel can still catch us off guard: What happens when God shows us something out of the ordinary?

To Hear God’s Message At Work, Listen For:

God Working Where We Don’t Expect ~ Mark 7:24-30

  • 24/25 Jesus draws people to Himself
  • 26/27 even those we don’t think would be interested
  • 28/30 faith in Christ can spring up unexpectedly

God’s Ways Going Beyond Our Grasp ~ Mark 7:31-37

  • 31/32 bring others to Jesus who seem beyond help
  • 33/35 Jesus touches others in unexpected ways
  • 36/37 these non-Jewish folk recognized something special about Jesus

Are we willing to hear Jesus work with those who don’t belong to our preferred group? Remind one another: God’s going to work with whom He wants, how He wants, and when and where He wants. Our goal is to go where the Gospel is growing, and work there as well.

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