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Daily Disciplines for the Christian Life: Profess God’s Power

Profess God’s Power

2Chr. 20:5-9; Phil. 4:10-13

I’m looking for a car for my youngest. I found a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle in Yakima for only $500. She should be thrilled. The problem? NO ENGINE.

You’d be amazed at how many people think to live their spiritual lives in such a condition: they might have all the externals in place, but there’s no MOVEMENT because they don’t know how to turn it ON.

To Take Your Second Daily Step

* Plead God’s Power ~ 2Chr. 20:5-9

  • 5/6 GOD alone has the power
  • 7/9 God uses that power for our benefit (He hears and saves)

* Learn That Process ~ Phil. 4:10-13

  • 10/11 I have learned: this is a PROCESS; we learn IF we pay attention (“you learn something new every day” NOT AUTOMATIC)
  • 12 “secret”=INITIATED/shown the mystery; without this secret, it is very difficult to be content, because you focus on your circumstances which you can’t control
  • 13 IN HIM (en, not dia) there is POWER; when we are IN CHRIST (not the other way around), we are IN POWER, because Christ IS the power for Godliness

The difference is understanding that we don’t ADD Jesus to us (that way is failure, because we are still trying to control; Jesus is an additional tool in that scenario). We MERGE ourselves INTO Jesus; “I must decrease, He must increase” = I can’t; HE CAN

Profess Step Two: Lord Jesus, I am powerless. I have no ability in myself, apart from Your intervention in my life, to live my life in a way that is pleasing to You. I acknowledge that “I can’t.” But, I believe in You, Lord. I believe that You are the source of all power I invite You to live Your life in and through me today. Thank You that I can trust You to bring Your power into my life as I find myself IN You. Make me the kind of person You created me to be.

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