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Learning from Luke: The Cost of the Kingdom

Learning from Luke: The Cost of the Kingdom Sermon Audio Here

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Luke 9:23-27

The cost of becoming a US citizen: on paper, $680. In practice, multiple thousands of dollars, plus unknown time spent waiting in personal and paperwork limbo. The cost of becoming a citizen of Heaven: EVERYTHING you have, everything you are.

For Kingdom Citizenship,

What Will You Give?

  • Luke 9:23 “would come after” = intend to follow;
  • 1) deny yourself (who benefits?) AND
  • 2) die daily (submit to SELF-death) AND
  • 3) accompany (find Jesus, and go with Him)

What Do You Value?

  • Luke 9:24 if you spend all your time and energy guarding your soul, the only thing you’ll have at the end is a wasted effort
  • if you completely let go of SELF for Christ, you gain YOU
  • Luke 9:25 so, what do you **really** value? Stuff? SELF? Power? Personal validation?

What Will You Show?

  • Luke 9:26 world’s def. of shame: bad feeling when you’re caught doing something wrong.
    BIBLE def. of shame: realizing that you are wrong
  • if we think that lifting up Jesus’ word in our lives is a wrong thing, something of which we should be ashamed, then Jesus will AGREE with us, and leave us to our own SELF-ish devices
  • Luke 9:27 some people will never let go of SELF-righteousness; they will insist on being the ultimate standard for their own behavior and attitudes; others will, in this life of flesh, let go of its controlling nature, and instead become citizens in the Kingdom of God.

The election that matters most is God’s election of US as HIS.

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