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Practical Christianity: Prescription: Prayer!

Practical Christianity: Prescription: Prayer! Sermon Audio Here

James 5:13-20

To prescribe medicine, doctors need to know 1) how the body works; 2) how types of medicines affect the body; 3) how various drugs interact with each other; and 4) what new medicines are coming into use. They have to keep up on this all the time, because pharmacology is one of the main tools to address symptoms of sickness. But what if you’re SPIRITUALLY sick?

Prayer Can Be Effective When:

We Lean on The Work of the Spirit
Num. 11:24-29

  • v24/26 The Spirit empowers us to pray!
  • v27/29 Don’t block God’s Spirit; Beseech God for it!

We Link with Each Other
James 5:13-15

  • v13 Connect With God No matter the circumstance!
  • v14 Pray with others
  • v15 The LORD meets the need, not the prayer itself

We Learn Our Actual Needs
James 5:16-20

  • v16 confess our sins = admit to each other that we NEED each other
  • v17/18 Elijah just like us? YES; difference in connection to God
  • v19 warning: we wander!
  • v20 cover multitude sins = cf. 1 Pet. 4:8 LOVE IN ACTION

=>A “testudo” of Roman Shields – much more effective when used in a group

We are to take up our Shield of Faith, proof against the flaming arrows of the evil one, especially when linked together!

Prayer isn’t just talking to a God in outer space; Prayer is baring the soul to the Spirit. We need each other for encouragement, support, and defense!


Practical Christianity: The Most Dangerous Church Member

Practical Christianity: The Most Dangerous Church Member Sermon Audio Here

James 3:1-12

Rabies, the viral disease, is treatable if caught BEFORE symptoms show; once symptomatic, the disease is almost always fatal. Once that virus takes hold in the flesh, drastic measures are needed.

Those Fixed On The Flesh

Ignore A Shortage of Self-Control
James 3:1-5

  • v1 judged BY GOD (remember last week- we don’t judge)
  • v2 we’re all in this together – there are many ways of stumbling
  • v3/4 control is the issue; who’s really in control?
  • v5 small things can get out of control quickly

Believe Personal Superiority Is Sufficient
James 3:6-12

  • v6 “course of life”=wheel of nature; left unchecked, can throw your whole world off course
  • v7/8 man tames animals because of superiority; who is superior to man?
  • v9/10 what do WE do with speech?
  • v11/12 “flow” – GUSH, under pressure. What comes out of you when you’re under pressure?
  •      SALT – Dead Sea spring – is your water dead, or Living Water?

When we fill our lives with the Living Water, what comes out of us is life-filled. Our speech becomes the means that others are refreshed, and drawn to God at work in us.

Practical Christianity: Who Chooses The Poor

Practical Christianity: Who Chooses The Poor Sermon Audio Here

James 2:1-17

In June 2013, the Rev. Willie Lyle, the newly-appointed pastor of the Sango United Methodist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee, spent four and a half days living in the streets in the guise of a homeless man. He then transformed back into his role as pastor as he delivered a sermon: The Least Used Parts of the Body.

As Believers in Jesus,

Be Careful of your choices
James 2:1-7

  • v1/4 snap judgments are not godly
  • v5 God *loves* the poor
  • v6/7 judge this: how is Jesus’ name treated?

Be Cautious with your judgments
James 2:8-13

  • v8/11 failure to love your neighbor is sin
  • v12/13 mercy WINS over law!

Be Caring in Your Actions
James 2:14-17

  • v14/16 what is the proof of your faith?
  • v17 faith is like yeast; if it’s not alive, it has no power

Why important to not judge others? Because when we pass judgment, we override God’s job. We put OURSELVES in God’s place – that’s idolatry, and it breaks the First Commandment. You shall have no other gods before Me. INCLUDING YOURSELF.

Practical Christianity: From the Ear to the Hand

Practical Christianity: From the Ear to the Hand Sermon Audio Here

James 1:17-27

Nerve from the brain to the pinky

Ulnar nerve entrapment occurs when the ulnar nerve in the arm becomes compressed or irritated. The ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves in your arm. It travels from your neck down into your hand, and can be constricted in several places along the way. Depending upon where it occurs, this pressure on the nerve can cause numbness or pain in your elbow, hand, wrist, or fingers.

When that path is blocked, pain, numbness, even feelings of electric shock can happen!

To Open The Path of Practical Faith:

LOOK for God’s Gifts ~ James 1:17-18

  • v17 “gift” 2 words= “act of giving” & gift itself;
  •      God IS giving (which is good), and what He gives is good
  • v18 He gives US as a gift to Himself!
  •      (that makes us good; cf. Genesis IT IS GOOD 5x)

LISTEN to Others ~ James 1:19-21

  • v19 Listen for God’s gifts in others
  • v20 anger blocks our hearing!
  • v21 “Superfluity of naughtiness (KJV)” anger overflows;
  •      humbly let the Word work in you (shalom)

APPLY the Word ~ James 1:22-25

  • v22 actively listen for God’s Word
  • v23/24 Scan vs. Search
  • v25 blessed IN THE DOING (not a wage)

HOLD ON to Holiness ~ James 1:26-27

  • v26 rein in whatever is not good or true
  • v27 “to keep” keep on keeping on

The gift of faith that God gives is good, but not meant for display only. We are to take our faith out of the showroom, and onto the highway!

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