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Learning from Luke: Hope For the Herald

Learning from Luke: Hope For the Herald Sermon Audio Here

Luke 1:1-25

Today, we start our study of the book of Luke. Luke is traditionally unique; out of the four Gospels, we’re given an introduction of the book by Luke himself. His account is a researched Gospel, an intentional document of hope for the original reader, Theophilus, and for us today.

What Is The Message of Hope For Today?

We Can Trust That God Knows What He’s Doing

  • Introduction
    • v1/4 Luke’s account gives us an investigated historical viewpoint
  • Setting
    • v5/7 notice the details; Luke gives them so we can specifically verify what he records

We Can Receive God’s Promise And Reassurance

  • Promise
    • v8/12 look for the reminder; Israel had not recorded an angelic visitation for a very long time
  • Q: What promise from God do you need to remember?
    • v13/17 look for the attribute; the child will be Nazirite (dedicated holiness),
    • filled with the Holy Spirit, and
    • invested with Elijah’s spirit and power (cf. 2 Kings 2:9-10)
  • Q: What indicators do you see that God keeps His promises?
  • Reassurance
    • v18/22 Zechariah’s silence is a sign
  • Q: What reassures you that God is still at work?

Notice that in verses 23-25, God answers prayers for HIS reasons (as well as ours).

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