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Learn to Discern: Knowing God’s Will

Learn to Discern: Knowing God’s Will Sermon Audio Here

Isaiah 51:1-6; Romans 12:1-2

I’ve been conducting an experiment on a new-to-me laptop. I’m trying to create a “hackintosh”: putting a Mac operating system onto an HP laptop. It’s challenging, because I’m having to learn an entirely new way of doing things. It requires me to learn brand new ways of using old hardware.

How Do We Learn To Discern? Watch For

The Functions Of God’s Will ~ Isaiah 51:1-6

  • 1 pursue righteousness
  • 2 Abraham: faith PLUS obedience
  • 3 equals COMFORT & JOY
  • 4 a) God’s Law goes out; b) Justice becomes light
  • 5 righteousness draws; salvation comes
  • 6 lift eyes=change your perspective; look at earth=from new viewpoint (Earth is TEMPORARY – not worth obsessing about; God is Eternal)

The Umption For God’s Will ~ Romans 12:1-2

  • 1 offer bodies=real life change: don’t expect to do the same things you’ve always done and somehow learn new ways of being!
  • 2 a) do not conform to the world (example of what NOT to do) b) change through renewed mind: SCRIPTURE, SCRIPTURE, SCRIPTURE!

If we say that we want to know God’s will, we have to investigate what God has shared with us: the Word. This is much more than reading an inspirational verse – this is about reprogramming your entire system.

Right Place, Right Time

Ephesians 3:16:
that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened {krataiothenai} with power {dunamei} through his Spirit in your inner being…

dunamei=potential for functioning in some way
krataiothenai = The basis of this verb {krataeo}, has as one of its nuances “to have the use of.” And the verse says that the strength comes THROUGH the Spirit.

Since the verb is passive (as shown by the “thenai” ending), that means that WE are the objects… WE have the POTENTIAL for FUNCTIONING in STRENGTH as long as the SPIRIT HAS USE OF US.

It’s like surfing: the power is from the wave; the motion comes from being in the right place on the wave – the surfer cannot control the power; rather, they can only attempt to be in the right place to be moved BY the power.

This makes me think of the initial point that I believe Paul is making in this Ephesians passage: he longs for the church at Ephesus to be secure in their faith; to be right where the need to be for the Spirit to use them and to teach them “to be filled with all the fullness of God”.

How much do we miss of the fullness of God because we focus on things which don’t satisfy? Or we’re convinced that we’re in control (when we’re not), and so we make decisions which draw us out of the center of God’s will for us?

It’s such an odd thought – that we would become LESS controlling of our own attempts to do God’s will, so that we are free to be used by the Spirit to do God’s will. As frustrating as it is, we need to learn to stay OUT of the driver’s seat, and just enjoy the ride as the Lord moves us where God wants us to be… to do the works that have been prepared for us to walk around “in”. (Ephesians 2:10)

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