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Snapshots from Mark: Directing The Disciples

Snapshots from Mark: Directing The Disciples Sermon Audio Here

Mark 16:9-20

This week, I had an interaction with a Petition Circulator. It occurred to me that the law of the land is designed to be WORKED WITH, not statically obeyed. What about God’s word?

What Can We Hear If We Listen Carefully?

The Editors Voice ~ 2 Tim. 3:16

  • Why this ending? Apparently, the early church decided it was needed ~  “the rest of the story”. They took later material (from Matthew and Acts) and added it to the end of Mark.

The Witnesses’ Testimony ~ Mark 16:9-14

  • 9/11 summary only: full account is John 20:14-18 LESSON: OTHER SOURCES can be used to illustrate what God does in our own lives
  • 12/13 summary of Luke 24:13-32 LESSON: we may not recognize what God is doing right away; still, we’re encouraged to pay attention even after the fact. “hindsight is 20/20”
  • 14 summary of Luke 24:33-44 LESSON: just “saying” you believe isn’t sufficient; we must USE our faith!

The Lord’s Affirmation ~ Mark 16:15-20

  • 15/16 Content of Good news process: 1) share Jesus’ word; 2) trust Jesus’ word; 3) obey Jesus’ word 4) Don’t reject Jesus’ word
  • 17/18 Indicators of Apostolic Work (Acts 2:4; 5:15-16; 28:3-5)
  • 19/20 Effective End of Gospel: a literary form (if the point of a gospel is to testify that Jesus is God’s work among us, then this ending shows that the work was effective)

God PARTNERS with humanity to do His work; Scripture itself is a witness, that while God INSPIRES it, humans hold the pens. So what? We know God COULD fix the world instantly, but then we’d lose out on partnering with the Lord. God’s will is done THROUGH US. It’s pretty important that we recognize that Kingdom work is an ONGOING PROCESS, not a finished accomplishment.

Gems from Genesis: God Speaks to Our Hearts

Gems from Genesis: God Speaks to Our Hearts Sermon Audio Here

Genesis 28:10-19

When we’re children, we get excited during Christmas or birthdays because we can receive gifts. But as we grow older, we learn that sometimes it’s more fun to GIVE a gift than to receive one. Imagine how excited God must be to give us the gifts He has in store for us!

How Does God Show Us He Loves Us?

God Has Plans For Us ~ Genesis 28:10-15

  • 10/14 reminder: this is a specific story FOR JACOB; we’re not him. These are specific promises that God gives to Jacob
  • 15 This specific reminder to Jacob can ALSO be a reminder of God’s character for us. God is with Jacob; God is with US.

God’s Plans Change Us ~ Genesis 28:16-19

  • 16 “I was not aware” we don’t always see when God is at work… but He’s working in us!
  • 17 afraid=not scared, but WHOA, this is AWESOME
  • 18/19 Jacob sets apart this rock as a reminder that HE has been set apart by God

God Brings Us Into His Family ~ Romans 8:14-16

God chooses US, just like He chose Jacob. He calls us His own, and we get to be a part of God’s family. We belong to God, and there’s nothing we can do to break God’s promise to us.

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