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GUI desktop tweaking

This is another one of those very occasional Linux posts that I use to remind myself (and anyone else who might be interested) on how I did a specific thing.

In today’s episode:

I have had a request to replace a friend’s Macbook with another computer. Since I don’t have any of those hanging around, I’ve been trying to tweak a Linux install to work in a similar fashion.

More specifically, I’ve been trying to solve the challenge of having a global menu at the top of every screen. This is the default behavior for OSX, and what my friend is used to.

In figuring out how to set this up, I’ve learned how to install global menus using a combination of Compiz (the wobbly-windows fancy window manager) Xfce4-panel (to provide a home for the global menu) and the global menu plugin itself. When I’m logged into Compiz as an environment, it looks and works a treat.

What I **really** wanted to remind myself of today, was a simple “a-hah” moment. You see, I usually use JWM as my window manager of choice. It’s VERY small, VERY fast, and I can tweak it to my specifications. Here’s the “a-hah”: if I tweak JWM to **eliminate** the title bar for each window, and set the default for each window to be automatically maximized, the end result is this:

(a multi-tabbed text editor)






(LibreOffice Writer)






(GIMP, a graphics program)






and the only thing I needed to do was to make a very simple change in the configuration file of JWM:


Once I “told” JWM that I wanted every window to have NO title and to be maximized, it turned out like you see above.

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