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Blocking My Own Blessings

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On Sunday mornings, the adult class that I teach has been working through Steps to Christian Maturity, by Bill Bright. The founder of Campus Crusade, Dr. Bright was pretty influential in my life through his evangelism training materials that I learned to use as a new believer.
A few weeks ago, we were working through God’s Promises and Provisions through Prayer. One of the verses about God’s provision really struck me, and caused me to re-think my views on God’s blessing.
Here it is, Ephesians 1:3 –
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

I’m sure I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this verse, but this time it hit me: the PAST TENSE. Look carefully – God HAS BLESSED US. This is not a promise that God *will* bless us if we follow hard after Him, or that God *might* bless us based on some other condition. This is a DONE DEAL. God HAS blessed us!
This made me think – hard – about what God has already done in us, and what we are doing about it. Do you feel as if you’ve received every spiritual blessing already? I know I sure don’t! And what THAT brings to mind is the question:
If I’ve already been given every spiritual blessing in Christ… what is getting in the way of me actually laying hold of that blessing? How am I blocking my own growth in my spiritual walk?
When I put it that way, I’m convicted. I know very well what things I’m holding on to instead of letting go, and letting God’s blessings actually get through to me.
As we enter this new year of 2014, let’s ask ourselves… and each other: what is holding us back from living the Kingdom life to which God is calling us? What are we clinging to that needs to be released?
I am looking forward to discovering this year just how God is going to move among us. It should be quite an adventure!
Keep Following Jesus – Ed

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