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Learning from Luke: The Lay of the Land

Learning from Luke: The Lay of the Land Sermon Audio Here
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Luke 15:1-10

“Lay of the Land” possible that the term originated because scouts were sent ahead to get the topology of a piece of land before settlers moved in. Refers to determining how an unknown area can be accessed.

Jesus gave “the lay of the land” of the Kingdom to his hearers, and they were unprepared for His report. Are we?

As We Look At God’s Kingdom, Ask:

Who Does Jesus Attract?
Luke 15:1-2

  • v1 Jesus draws sinners
  • v2 this makes religious people uncomfortable

What Does Jesus Address?
Luke 15:3-7

  • v3/4 isn’t it normal to look for what is lost?
  • v5/6 isn’t it normal to rejoice when you find the lost?
  • v7 Heaven is like that; Heaven responds the way we would.

What Does Jesus Affirm?
Luke 15:8-10

  • v8 high value = careful effort to regain
  • v9 once found, community invited to rejoice
  • v10 in the same way: do our values match God’s

The difference is in what is valuable enough, when lost, to find. We like what we’re already comfortable with; we “drift” from our initial decision to follow Jesus to following what we think Jesus would like. Part of our challenge as citizens of God’s Kingdom is to always be “recalculating”, to reorient ourselves on the values and the Person of Christ.

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