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Snapshots from Mark: Matters of Marriage

Snapshots from Mark: Matters of Marriage Sermon Audio Here

Mark 10:2-16

To talk about marriage today is to navigate a mine-field. To even BEGIN a conversation, terms need to be defined. In fact, **contexts** need to be defined before terms can be decided. Are you talking about marriage as a social construct? Then which society will you use as the base model? Are you talking about Biblical marriage? Then which example will you use, because the Bible alone contains more than one example of various “kinds” of marriage. I think it’s helpful, as followers of Jesus, to ask this question:

How Does Jesus View Marriage?

Sidesteps the Set-up ~ Mark 10:2-9

  • 2/5 intent: trap Jesus into dismissing Mosaic Law
  • 6/8 original intent for marriage
  • 9 NOTE: Jesus affirms biblical pattern for marriage as one man/one woman; and then turns right around and admits that God allows other than His best intentions to be carried out (divorce) The IDEAL is life-long marriage; the reality is sometimes less than that

Stresses the Seriousness ~ Mark 10:10-12

  • 10/11 Leviticus 20:10: “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife– with the wife of his neighbor– both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.” Adultery was SERIOUS; Jesus equates divorce with adultery.
  • 12 It’s so serious that it transcends the male/female dynamic; if EITHER party initiates it, it’s the same as adultery: worthy of death

It’s my belief that Jesus is applying a Rabbinical Corrective here, just like He did in the Sermon on the Mount (“you have heard it said ___, but I say to you ___”) It’s just not possible to fully live God’s intended standard of holiness WITHOUT GOD’S PRESENCE. The whole point of the Law is to show that we need GOD, not the Law itself!

Scolds The Cold Shoulder ~ Mark 10:13-16

  • 13 “were bringing” = ongoing thing; annoyed the disciples
  • 14 indignant = GREAT translation; He was deeply offended and frustrated!
  • 15 important to Jesus that little kids have access; this is the example of the Kingdom of God which WE NEED TO SEE CONSTANTLY
  • 16 “blessed” = compound word: against + good + word = He laid the good word on them!

Marriage, then, seems to emphasize the ongoing choice to commit instead of quit; to be willing to die than to give it up; and to be a means of blessing for offspring, and the gathered people of the Kingdom of God.

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