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Snapshots from Mark: Highlights in Darkness

Snapshots from Mark: Highlights in Darkness Sermon Audio Here

Mark 14:27-38

In 1942, an experiment was devised to determine how sensitive our eyes can be. We’ve learned that the human eye can recognize as few as 9 individual photons in a completely dark room. (1 photon~2 thousandths of a millimeter). The farthest away we could see a candle in the dark is 2.76 kilometers. But what about when our SOUL gets dark?

What Are Some Bright Spots In Our Darkest Times?

Knowing Trouble Is Coming ~ Mark 14:27-31

  • 27 Zechariah warns Israel that they would turn on the Good Shepherd; He wouldn’t be accepted (Jesus KNEW trouble was coming)
  • 28 He ALSO knew He’d come through it (Meet ME in Galilee – where are you meeting Jesus?)
  • 29/30 Good intentions aren’t enough to protect us from our own weakness
  • 31 this is a blind spot for us; we think we’re more competent than we really are (Dunning-Kruger effect)

Showing Trouble Who’s In Control ~ Mark 14:32-38

  • 32/33 Jesus “distressed”=amazed, STRUCK at the weight of the task ahead (ever feel overwhelmed, inadequate to face a tough time? Jesus has been there!)
  • 34 soul is “grieved all around” NO WAY OUT
  • 35/36 caught between God’s ABILITY and God’s CHOICE: Answer? Surrender to what God wants
  • 37 Peter has the ABILITY to stay awake, but doesn’t CHOOSE to exercise it (opposite of Jesus)
  • 38 Problem: It’s easier to give in than to give your all

An effective answer for blind spots in driving: S.M.O.G: Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go
What’s an answer for blind spots in our darkness? Talk about our blind spots; encourage each other; decisions in community: in other words: S.O.S: Speak truth; Offer support; Stand together

Snapshots from Mark: A Shout In The Darkness

Snapshots from Mark: A Shout In The Darkness Sermon Audio Here

Mark 10:46-52

If you have Dish satellite TV service, there’s a neat benefit you may not know you have: the Dish Remote locate button. It finds the remote even in the dark. In those times when you feel lost in the dark, don’t you wish the Lord had a button like that?

Are You Willing to Shout for God’s Help?

Share Your Need ~ Mark 10:46-48

  • 46 the blind man is paying attention to his surroundings
  • 48 he won’t shut up about his need

Follow His Lead ~ Mark 10:49-52

  • 49/50 when Jesus calls, JUMP
  • 51 what does a blind man want? Our need might be obvious to US from within it, but still needs to be shared
  • 52 what is Bart’s response? Follow Jesus after Faith works!

We know God is there, but let’s be honest: too often, we’re unsure whether we should call out for help, because we don’t know if God will respond the way we want. Here’s the example: call out to God in darkness BEFORE we know He’s going to respond. Don’t give up: ask, seek, knock… SHOUT.

Gems from Genesis: God Sees Our Sacrifice

Gems from Genesis: God Sees Our Sacrifice Sermon Audio Here

Genesis 22:1-14

I have a friend who is extremely sensitive to light; too much exposure leaves them bedridden in great pain. But this friend is willing to come into bright situations to help others, knowing in advance how much it will hurt. How do we face these faith challenges?

Respond To Faith Challenges With

Strategy for Sacrifice ~ Genesis 22:1-8

  • 1/3 Abraham is faced with a terrible choice: obey God or kill your child. How to make that choice? GO
  • 4/5 “we will come back” I choose to interpret this as a statement of faith: “I don’t know how God is going to fix this problem, but I know He will.” GO IN FAITH
  • 6/8 God gives the problem; God gives the solution: GO IN FAITH TOGETHER

Preparation For Provision ~ <a title="Genesis 22:9-14<" href=" 22:9-14Genesis 22:9-14

  • 9/10 at THIS point, Abraham does NOT KNOW what God will do; OBEY GOD IN THE DARK
  • 11/12 God already knew, but now both Abraham and Isaac knew, too. God knows that they know that God knows LISTEN FOR GOD IN THE DARK
  • 13/14 “ahar-behind him” LOOK AROUND FOR GOD’S PROVISION

Romans 6:13, 19 Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness.
I put this in human terms because you are weak in your natural selves. Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness.

We sacrifice our SELVES: we give up our rights to call our own shots. We can’t do this in our own strength; God provides what we need so we can follow His way.

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