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Prelude to the Passion: Eternal Declaration

Prelude to the Passion: Eternal Declaration

John 10:22-33

The Boston Globe, which carries a daily column designed to answer readers’ queries, listed the top ten unanswerable questions. Here’s one: “I am nine years of age and have a cat that eats regularly and needs to go on a diet. He also eats mice when he is out. How many calories in a mouse?”

This isn’t an unanswerable question at all – but what you’d have to do to the mouse to determine the answer will cost the mouse everything! Are we willing to pay the price to answer our deepest questions?

How Do We Answer Life’s Big Questions?

* Desire the Plain Truth ~ John 10:22-27

  • 22/3 notice the scene: this is not a story, but an historical event
  • 24 a direct request: not unreasonable, for those looking for Messiah
  • 25 if they weren’t going to be convinced by miracles, what good would words do?
  • 26 they don’t believe because they don’t belong
  • 27 this isn’t just a metaphor, it’s actual behavior: sheep respond to their shepherd, and run from others

* Accept the Plain Truth ~ John 10:28-32

  • 28/9 notice the echo: Jesus gives us eternal life, and no one can take us out of Jesus’ hand; God gives us to Jesus, and no one can take us out of the Father’s hand
  • 30 Jesus tells it plainly: He is one with the Father
  • 31 the Jews get it: they know **exactly** what Jesus is claiming
  • 32 His question is to get them to REFLECT on what He has DONE – can a mere man do the things Jesus did?

John 10:33 they ASKED Him to tell them plainly who He was. He did, and they couldn’t take it; can we?

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