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The Living Word: The Loss of the World

The Loss of the World

John 16:25-33

On May 30th, astronauts were launched from US soil to dock with the International Space Station. What struck me was the constant acceleration necessary to escape the gravitational pull of the world. It wasn’t enough to blast off at a high speed: it needed to INCREASE to leave behind the gravity well of Earth. How do we need to leave behind the “pull” of the world on our souls?

To Let Go of The World’s Influence

* Gain The Plain Truth ~ John 16:25-28

  • 25 Follow up from last week: Jesus will speak to us through the Spirit
  • 26 the other side of the coin: WE will speak to the Father through the Spirit; we are no longer dependent upon any other mediator than Christ (address praying to saints/mary/angels)
  • 27 “loves” PHILEO, not AGAPE; God **LIKES** you! He doesn’t love you because He “has” to… God wants to be with you!
  • 28 Nutshell Gospel verse in 4 parts: came from God; came to Earth; leaving Earth; going back to God – IF WE ARE TO FOLLOW JESUS, WHERE ARE WE GOING? Don’t get distracted by your temporary time in the world!

* Grasp And Trust ~ John 16:29-33

  • 29 I love this! Disciples **THINK** they know what’s going on… but they don’t. CAN WE LET OURSELVES OFF THE HOOK FOR NOT KNOWING WHATS GOING ON?
  • 30 They mis-read Jesus, and end up with the correct conclusion for the wrong reasons (they really don’t get it: see vs17-18)
  • 31 Even though they don’t understand: THEY TRUST JESUS, and THAT is counted as belief! HOW IS YOUR TRUSTING GOING?
  • 32 Jesus warns the disciples: their belief/faith/trust is an a-ha moment, that it would evaporate. God KNOWS our failings… and LIKES US ANYWAY
  • 33 therefore, don’t worry about what trusting Christ is “supposed” to look like in today’s world.

It’s never been about faith IN the world… but faith IN and THROUGH Jesus (while we happen to be temporarily on this planet – and that’ll change soon enough!)

The Road To Resurrection: Ancestry Test

The Road To Resurrection: Ancestry Test

John 8:31-47

I was raised to believe I was part Native American. I used a DNA testing service, and the results of my ancestry test showed otherwise. I had lived my whole life thinking I belonged to a group when the truth showed me something different…

The Difference Between Believing and Knowing

Actual Truth Sets Us Free ~ John 8:31-38
(not unfounded personal belief)

  • 31 speaking to those who believe He’s Messiah, but they don’t yet understand what that MEANS
  • 32 John puts in a pun: logos/word and logos/God; Jesus IS the truth and HE sets us free (not knowledge)
  • 33/37 those who have a different understanding of Messiah miss what He’s saying; He didn’t come to set them free militarily (which is what they thought), but spiritually free from sin
  • 38 with these words, Jesus makes a distinction between belonging to God and belonging to Satan

Actual Lineage Sets Our Path ~ John 8:39-47
(not pretending to be something we’re not)

  • 39/41 Some can belong to Satan and not even know it!
  • 42/46 Defining marks of belonging to the devil: 1) don’t love Jesus; 2) unable to hear Jesus’ word clearly; 3) want to put themselves first over God
  • 47 EMPHASIZE: God chooses whom He will to bring into His family

(cf. Ephesians 1:5: He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will–)

If you belong to God, you’ll want to understand more and more about Jesus; If you DON’T – what does that mean for you?

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