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Thankfulness For Thessalonica

Thankfulness For Thessalonica Sermon Audio Here

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

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How Can We Tell If Thankfulness Is Genuine?

Thankfulness is Seen ~ 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5

  • 1/3 WHAT we do, WHY we do it, and HOW we do it can inspire thankfulness; this means that we’re being WATCHED by others
  • 4/5 Elements of God’s choice: the Word; power; Holy Spirit; conviction. We’re WATCHED by GOD

=> Don’t let the fact that you’re being watched cause you to be self-conscious. Rather, recognize that God’s work in you is WORTH WATCHING.

Thankfulness is Heard ~ 1 Thessalonians 1:6-10

  • 6 Welcome the Word (even though life can be hard, we can still receive God’s good news in bad times)
  • 7 Reveal Your Reception (don’t be scared to show what God is doing in you; people are probably noticing anyway)
  • 8/10 Sound Your Salvation (rang out=only here in NT, sounded like an echo; share what God is doing in your life)

The Thessalonians were faithful, but not too mature in their faith. Paul shares this encouraging thought with them to remind them that God IS among them, doing His work. Our takeaway: we don’t NEED to have Master’s degrees to be used by the Master!

Leadership thoughts

I was asked a question about leadership, and I thought I’d share my response:

I think that a person who desires to function as a pastor must above all be authentic. Jesus didn’t put on airs, or pretend that he was something that he was not. His teaching and his example changed the world because of who he was as a person. (This is not to deny His divinity; I’m merely making a point that Jesus was the ultimate example of authenticity.)

Therefore, I feel it is crucial for anyone in leadership to be transparent as to who they are, and as to how God is dealing with them. Honestly, I would love to be like the apostle John, and spend time just being the disciple that Jesus loved, and loving him in return. However, I realize that I am far more like Peter; headstrong, speaking as he thinks, prone to make mistakes. But look at how Jesus treated Peter: once he had helped Peter move beyond his past mistakes (“Do you love Me?”), Jesus placed Peter in a position as a leader.

Not because Peter was always right, or was consistently on-the-ball, but because Peter was dedicated to being as much like Jesus as it was possible for him as Peter. He still made mistakes even after having been placed in leadership, but Peter’s willingness to be used by Christ changed the world. And that’s what I want for my life as well; to change the world, to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

KFJ – Ed

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