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Walking in Two Worlds: Chipping Away

Walking in Two Worlds: Chipping Away Sermon Audio Here

1 John 3:1-7

In a Youtube video (scroll to the bottom) presented by two actors known as the Skit Guys, they present “God’s Chisel”. It is a great reminder that God is the Master Sculptor, and is bringing about the image of Christ in us.

During Our Journey Together,
God is working on us
1 John 3:1-2 (we are in process)

  • v1a God calls us in love
  • 1b realize our new identity
  • v2a we *are*, AND *will become*
  • 2b shaped to be like Jesus

We are working WITH God
1 John 3:3-7 (we participate in the process)

  • v3 we share in God’s shaping
  • v4/5 Jesus carries away our rubble
  • v6 consistently choosing sin over Christ? Not His!
  • v7 the righteous DO right BECAUSE Jesus is at work

His righteousness works its way out in us when we cooperate with it; when we live as identifying Christ at work in us, we see God at work in us, and join Him in it – and that work is making us to be more like Jesus.

Creative Sermon Partnering

Hey everyone –
Have you ever been listening to a sermon, and thought: “oh, if the pastor had only told me what he was going to be preaching on… I have a perfect song/movie clip/painting/object lesson that would have fit perfectly with that sermon!”

I know I’ve thought that when listening to other pastors during their sermons. SO…

I’m posting the Scriptures, Sermon Titles, and general topics for the next couple of month’s worth of sermons. If you get a great idea of how you could contribute to our time together in the Word, please let me know.

  • Readers, have you ever listened to a sermon and been reminded of something you’ve read – perhaps a few lines from a favorite story, or poem? We could incorporate that into the sermon!
  • Artists, you could create a work that could be used as a bulletin cover, or as a contemplative piece to be seen in the foyer as people enter.
  • Singers, if you know a song that fits with the sermon topic, and you’d like to sing special music, that would be great!
  • Media junkies – do you have a youtube clip or movie clip that would really illustrate a concept you find in the Scriptures we’ll be working with? We’ve got access to a projector… we just need someone to find the content!
  • Dancers – I’d love to see some “liturgical dance” to go with a sermon. I think there’s enough room on our platform for that… interested?

I hope those suggestions create some interest. The interesting thing about posting this concept on the web is that anyone who reads it could contribute to the sermon process; one does not necessarily need to be attending the service to suggest reading materials, movie clips, or appropriate songs. (However, long-distance interpretive liturgical dance is right out.)

Here are the Upcoming Sermon Scriptures & Topics:
Mark 3:13-35, Psalm 138:1-8; “Family Feud, 30 A.D.”, dealing with family conflicts

Mark 4:1-25, Isaiah 55:6-13; “Sow Far, Sow Good”, the parable of the Sower – how important is soil preparation for planting?

Mark 4:26-34, Ezekiel 17:22-24; “Trees A Crowd”, when little faith gets big results

Mark 4:35-41, Job 38:1-11, 25-29, 34-35; “Stilling the Storm” – how do we deal with external problems in our lives?

Mark 5:1-20, Psalm 42; “Dealing with Inner Demons” – how do we deal with internal problems in our lives?

Mark 5:21-43, Lamentations 3:22-33; “How Much Faith is Enough?” – how does faith work in our lives?

That takes us up to Advent.

Please, chime in, everyone… I’d love to see what we could do together in our times in the Word!
KFJ – Ed

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