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Snapshots from Mark: Highlights in Darkness

Snapshots from Mark: Highlights in Darkness Sermon Audio Here

Mark 14:27-38

In 1942, an experiment was devised to determine how sensitive our eyes can be. We’ve learned that the human eye can recognize as few as 9 individual photons in a completely dark room. (1 photon~2 thousandths of a millimeter). The farthest away we could see a candle in the dark is 2.76 kilometers. But what about when our SOUL gets dark?

What Are Some Bright Spots In Our Darkest Times?

Knowing Trouble Is Coming ~ Mark 14:27-31

  • 27 Zechariah warns Israel that they would turn on the Good Shepherd; He wouldn’t be accepted (Jesus KNEW trouble was coming)
  • 28 He ALSO knew He’d come through it (Meet ME in Galilee – where are you meeting Jesus?)
  • 29/30 Good intentions aren’t enough to protect us from our own weakness
  • 31 this is a blind spot for us; we think we’re more competent than we really are (Dunning-Kruger effect)

Showing Trouble Who’s In Control ~ Mark 14:32-38

  • 32/33 Jesus “distressed”=amazed, STRUCK at the weight of the task ahead (ever feel overwhelmed, inadequate to face a tough time? Jesus has been there!)
  • 34 soul is “grieved all around” NO WAY OUT
  • 35/36 caught between God’s ABILITY and God’s CHOICE: Answer? Surrender to what God wants
  • 37 Peter has the ABILITY to stay awake, but doesn’t CHOOSE to exercise it (opposite of Jesus)
  • 38 Problem: It’s easier to give in than to give your all

An effective answer for blind spots in driving: S.M.O.G: Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go
What’s an answer for blind spots in our darkness? Talk about our blind spots; encourage each other; decisions in community: in other words: S.O.S: Speak truth; Offer support; Stand together

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