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Learning from Luke: From Angels To Shepherds To Us

Learning from Luke: From Angels To Shepherds To Us Sermon Audio Here

Luke 2:1-20

On Christmas morning, many kids “play Santa”: they find a gift, read the tag, and pass the gift along. Even though the gift is from someone else, and for someone else, the distribution alone makes them a part of the gift-giving.

How Are We Involved in God’s Christmas Presence?

God Uses Ordinary People
Luke 2:8-14 Notice who gets the announcement

  • v8 ordinary men
  • v9 heard an extraordinary angel
  • v10/11 with an extraordinary message
  • v12 wrapped in humble beginnings
  • v13/14 response: God deserves the credit

God Uses Ordinary Means
Luke 2:15-20 what do the shepherds do with the angel’s message?

  • v15 “Let’s go see” (cf. 12 you will find)
  • v16/17 They told what they saw
  • v18 response: people are amazed

Let’s follow Mary’s example in verse 19: when we realize that God is at work in us, we TREASURE and PONDER what He is doing. Also, let us follow the shepherd’s example in verse 20: GLORIFY and PRAISE God that He keeps His promises.

Highlights from Hebrews: The Founder of Salvation

Highlights from Hebrews: The Founder of Salvation Sermon Audio Here

Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12

I had a friend on Facebook post that they were struggling with self-image, that they were listening to voices that pulled them down. Who do you listen to?

Jesus is Better Than:

Heb. 1:1-4 Better Than: Angels

  • v1/2 needed background for Hebrews: written to Jewish Christians to show that Jesus is the Ultimate Answer for life
  • v3 in ONE verse: Jesus is –
    • living Shekhinah glory;
    • the character of God in human flesh;
    • authoritative over all the universe;
    • the sacrifice for sin; and
    • receives worship and praise and honor with Yahweh
  • v4 Angels important messengers in Jewish faith; Jesus is BETTER
  • (rest of chap 1, and beginning of chap 2 prove this with OT)

Heb. 2:5-8 Better Than: Humanity

  • v5 the world IS subject to Christ
  • v6/7 humans are lower than angels
  • v8 Jesus is BETTER; some humans just don’t recognize it yet

Heb. 2:9-12 Better Than: Death

  • v9 suffer death/taste death DID NOT SUCCUMB
  • v10 Perfect=telestai=finished; He finished His work of salvation
  • v11 are of the same family; we’re connected to God thru Him
  • v12 Jesus calls US family!

No matter what you feel you might be going through, Jesus can be the answer for it. Feel alone? Jesus says that YOU are His brother or sister. Feel powerless? Jesus says that His power is perfected in your weakness. Feel worthless? Jesus says you’re worth dying for. Jesus is BETTER for us than anything else.

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