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Gems from Genesis: God Knows Our Attitudes

Gems from Genesis: God Knows Our Attitudes Sermon Audio Here

Gen. 25:19-34; Rom. 8:9-11

I’ve had a pretty significant wobble in my car at 50+mph; Auto place EXAMINED car, found two problems- worn tire, alignment issue. Fixed both issues, drives like new!

Learning What God Already Knows: We Are

Short Sighted By Sinful Nature ~ Genesis 25:29-34

  • 19-28 SETUP: Isaac & Rebekah have twins, Esau and Jacob; Esau is daddy’s boy / Jacob is mamma’s boy
  • 29/30 Esau driven by hunger for food
  • 31 Jacob driven by hunger for status
  • 32 Esau ignores long term consequences
  • 33 Jacob manipulates Esau
  • 34 notice Biblical warning against Esau, but NOT Jacob; BOTH guys are making decisions according to their flesh. Esau doesn’t care about his family position; Jacob is a trickster.

Stable When We Stay In The Spirit ~ Romans 8:9-11

  • 9 controlled by spirit IF THIS CONDITION IS MET: RESIDE in the Spirit
  • 10 because=DIA, by means of, through: the Spirit works THROUGH us for righteousness
  • 11 “My house, my rules” The Spirit lives IN you: do you allow Him to be the master of the house?

God works with us IN SPITE of our attitudes in the flesh; but He’d rather we COOPERATE with the Spirit as we move through life.


Learning from Luke: Measuring with a Broken Ruler

Learning from Luke: Measuring with a Broken Ruler Sermon Audio Here
Click here to play the file

Luke 16:10-15

In 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage. Why? because two rulers of different sizes were used in construction. How do we measure our lives – are we using the same standards that God uses?

We Are Headed For Shipwreck If We Ignore

The Problem of Misplaced Priorities
Amos 8:4-6 An old problem

  • Amos, a farm worker who was called by God to deliver His word, warned Israel that their priorities were so far out of alignment with His, that He would stop speaking to them. The people had become so consumed with their own SELVES that they would no longer be able to hear God’s word.

The Persistence of Misaligned Principles
Luke 16:10-15 A persistent attitude
=> 750 years later, not much change: Jesus taught about the prodigal son (the measure of grace from the Father) and contrasted that with the shrewd servant (the measure of money for personal gain)

  • v10 small choices are indicators of big choices
  • v11/12 notice: true riches are NOT financial!
  • v13 devotion in service is the emphasis; 2 masters can receive crummy service, but that’s not right
  • v15a outside life vs. inside; SHOULD match, but don’t always
  • v15b When our value system doesn’t match God’s, we can either change ours… or SINK

Is this a current problem? In a greater context, YES. How can we, as a local expression, live and move and have our being without using the world’s standard measure of success?

Voluntarily share and show your standard; if the shipbuilders of the Vasa had simply compared their tools from the port and the starboard sides of the ship, they would have avoided disaster. Let’s show each other (and the watching world) that our voyage of faith can go the distance… IF our standards match the Master’s.

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