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Apocalypse Talks: The Bigger Picture

Apocalypse Talks: The Bigger Picture

Matthew 24:36-44

Sometimes we receive warnings about a coming disaster, take appropriate steps, and in large part prevent the situation. Y2K was talked about for years, with serious preparations occurring 2 years before. As a result, when Y2K finally happened, only minor inconveniences and website errors were reported.

In other instances, we don’t respond as well. There were 36 warnings about 9/11, as early as 1994, with 22 in 2001 alone. With all those warnings (including one that said “tomorrow is zero hour” received on 9/10), we still missed preventing a tragedy that resulted in 2,996 deaths.

What’s Wrong With End-Time Warning?

* Some Refuse To See It ~ Matthew 24:36-39

  • 36 Refer: vs 29-35; these are references to Isaiah 13&24; and Joel 2: the Day of the Lord is a subject that Israel knows about; Jesus warns His listeners that the Fall of Jerusalem is the end of their world as they know it. AFTER that (not “immediately”, but later) will the final gathering and judgment at the end of the Day of the Lord occur. Since ONLY the Father knows when that is, don’t obsess about the timing of it
  • 37 it took Noah 55-75 years to build the Ark; his neighbors MUST have noticed! (lots of warning time)
  • 38/39 but they don’t pay attention; they hear but do not listen, they see but do not understand (cf. Isa 6) (NOT ALL WILL RESPOND)

* Some Selected To Receive It ~ Matthew 24:40-44

  • 40 When the Trumpet is sounded, only SOME will respond to the call
  • 41 God knows whom He will elect and collect
  • 42 WE do NOT know when the Call will be sounded: WATCH!
  • 43/44 implication: The Day will END with the Trumpet (1 Cor. 15:51-52; 1 Thes. 4:15-17) (NOT ALL WILL BE SAVED)

Bigger Picture: not *just* about the Fall of Jerusalem; about the end of the Day of the Lord (Joel 2). Good news for us who already know we’re going to be with the Lord – not necessarily bad news for others, because THERE’S STILL TIME TO TRUST… until there ISN’T. Only God knows how much sand is left in the Divine Hourglass…

My 9/11 Prayer

American Flag Gracious God…we come before you after a challenging week of remembering a national tragedy. As a nation, we promised ourselves that we’d “never forget” and indeed, for one day a year, we as a people become reflective, mindful of Your presence even in the midst of disaster.

Merciful Savior, we have to admit that sometimes our remembering goes sour – there is such a temptation to give in to our lower nature, to let revenge take the place of justice. For the times when we insist on retribution instead of redemption, please forgive us.

We throw ourselves on Your mercy, God. You alone can be our true defender and bringer of justice. We don’t have the perspective to righteously judge even our own failings, let alone the failings of others. We need You, God, now more than ever. We need You as a nation, as a community, and as individuals. Without You, there is nothing but chaos – come and make Your Kingdom real in us, and through us to the rest of the world.

We thank You for Your great patience, Your healing power, Your loving-kindness. We thank You for the availability of Your grace and peace even when people are rushing off to war. We thank You for prompting us by the voice of the Holy Spirit to live according to Your Rule, and not our own. Thank You for reviving us, renewing us, and restoring us to Yourself through the reconciling work of Jesus.

Hear us as we pray as He taught us, saying: Our Father…

Pastor Ed Backell

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