The Living Word: More Than Hosannas

The Living Word: More Than Hosannas

I Kings 17:8-16; John 4:39-45

On Palm Sunday, the crowd praised Jesus with simple things: branches from local trees, voices raised, lifted hands. Today, what can we use, or raise, or lift to make a difference?

It Doesn’t Take Much To Change Your World

* A Little Faith Can Go A Long Way ~ I Kings 17:8-16

  • 13/6 the woman offers what little she has for God’s use, and she is cared for; NOTE: this is HISTORICAL NARRATIVE – I don’t think it’s wise to say that because God HAS DONE a thing, He is obligated TO DO that thing again.
  • What I DO take from this is that God Provides. He may not provide FOR you as you think… but He might well provide THROUGH YOU; WHO ARE YOU GIVING TO?

* A Little Word Can Change A Lot of Lives ~ John 4:39-42

  • 39 consider this woman’s reputation: she was KNOWN to be “shady” – and Jesus STILL ministered to her; THAT is a powerful truth!
  • 40 they came to investigate based on HER NOT BEING JUDGED
  • 41 and once they actually heard Jesus’ words, many more came to faith
  • 42 “we heard for ourselves” – important to share Jesus’ actual words, and not OUR INTERPRETATION of Jesus; WHO ARE YOU SHARING WITH?

* A Little Witness Can Bring A Big Welcome ~ John 4:43-45

  • 43/4 Jesus is headed home, not expecting much (hometown boy)
  • 45 they had WITNESSED Jesus’ signs: the cleansing of the Temple; WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DO IN YOUR LIFE?

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