Autumn Thoughts: The Perfume of Praise

The Perfume of Praise

Mark 14:1-9

Once an elderly Christian man, a fine singer, learned that he had cancer of the tongue and that surgery was required. In the hospital after everything was ready for the operation, the man said to the doctor, “Are you sure I will never sing again?” The surgeon found it difficult to answer his question. He simply shook his head no. The patient then asked if he could sit up for a moment. “I’ve had many good times singing the praises of God,” he said. “And now you tell me I can never sing again. I have one song that will be my last. It will be of gratitude and praise to God.” There in the doctor’s presence the man sang softly the words of Isaac Watts’ hymn,

I’ll praise my Maker while I’ve Breath,
And when my voice is lost in death,
Praise shall employ my nobler power;
My days of praise shall ne’er be past,
While life, and thought, and being last,
Or immortality endures.”

To Engage in Praise, Consider

* The Cost of the Perfume ~ Mark 14:1-3

  • 1/2 WHEN: the setting; these allies here decide to wait until AFTER Passover…
  • 3a WHERE & WHO: John 12:3 tells us this is Mary, Martha & Lazarus’ sister from Bethany;
  • 3b WHAT: double offering: the JAR was expensive as well as the perfume;
  • 3c HOW: the JAR was SACRIFICED, fulfilled its function in brokenness; the Perfume was POURED, fulfilled its function in use

* The Context of the Praise ~ Mark 14:4-9

  • 4 “some”=disciples (Mt.26:8)/Judas (Mk 12:4)
  • 5 motive for anger? GREED; they were angry at Mary’s extravagant expression of love
  • 6 more than just receiving it, Jesus UNDERSTANDS her praise (and ours!)
  • 7 Time with Jesus is precious
  • 8 Jesus KNOWS He’s going to die soon (cf vs 1); He takes Mary’s sacrifice as an anointing
  • 9 Sacrificial Praise is IMPORTANT enough to remember

Remember Deuteronomy 16:17: “Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the LORD your God has blessed you.” and Mark 14:8: “She did what she could” Can the same be said of us?

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