Lingering in Worship: Providing

Lingering in Worship: Providing Sermon Audio Here

Ezra 6:3-10; Philippians 4:10-20

This lesson is a corrective: the “Health & Wealth Message” is a twisted idea of God’s willingness to bless and provide for His people. Instead of talking about everything that is wrong with Prosperity Theology, I’d rather use our time to look at how God **actually** provides.

The Biblical pattern for Provision:

God Provides When His Work is Due
~ Ezra 6:3-10 (The Lord will resource what He wants done)

  • 3/5 need: validation; answer: the original decree is found
  • 6/7 need: peace; answer: enemies can’t interfere
  • 8/10 need: resources; answer: enemies pay for everything!

God Provides When His People Are Doing
~ Philippians 4:10-20 (God resources those who are doing His will)

  • 10/13 the secret to dealing with need: need Jesus most!
  • 14/17 share needs AND supplies with each other (when you have need, let others know. When you have resources, share them with those who have need – all in context of faith family)
  • 18/20 our helping others are gifts TO GOD; God blesses us when we sacrifice (we don’t know the FORM of the blessing, but the return is definitely there)

WHY does God provide for us? WHY does God bless us? All for God’s glory, not ours!


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