Purpose Driven Plus One: Evangelism

Purpose Driven Plus One: Evangelism Sermon Audio Here

Isa. 6:1-8; Luke 24:44-49

As I was looking through our Church documents, I ran across my original “Terms Of Call” that the search committee sent me when I first started here. It was a refreshing reminder of what we’ve agreed upon as pastor and congregation. “If I’m to carry out these terms of call,” I asked myself, “then HOW do I do this???”

How Does The Gospel Work Among Us?

We See The Need ~ Isaiah 6:1-8

  • Isaiah gets a vision of the Lord, and is struck with just how unworthy he is for ministry. God’s response? God CLEANSES him, and makes him worthy. And Isaiah says “send me!”
  • This is what makes the Gospel GOOD NEWS: none of us is good enough, but God makes us worthy, and calls us into service

We Share The Seed ~ Luke 24:44-49

  • 44 Jesus IS God’s plan
  • 45 we can’t see it unless we’re opened by God (cf. Rom 10:9-15)
  • 46/47 ~Resurrection (Jesus’ New Life Cancels Old Debt) ~Repentance (Stop Holding Onto Old Debt) ~Restoration (Live The New Life God Gives!)
  • 48/49 Just as you’ve received it, share it


  • Worship is a celebration of the Holy Spirit in our church body through prayer, music, communion, praise and thanksgiving. We share in the reading, understanding, and teaching of God’s word. We Minister to one another by using our God-given gifts to strengthen and build the church family as we grow in our commitment as disciples of Christ.
  • We Fellowship as a church family, brothers and sisters in Christ. We walk together in the light of salvation by the love of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • By the authority of Jesus Christ, we Share the Gospel in our community and support those who share it with the world. We are committed to Discipleship through lifelong training and learning that empowers all to spread God’s Word.

As God’s gathered people, we realize we’re gathered FOR A REASON: We Share, we Support, we Worship, we Teach, We Reach, all to change the world!


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