Learn to Discern: Growing In God’s Will

Learn to Discern: Growing In God’s Will Sermon Audio Here

John 3:27-36

We all know Jesus was a carpenter’s son. And we certainly know that He was an itinerant rabbi. But do you remember His very first recorded parable? Was it about wood? Craftsmanship? Was it about travel or teaching? Nope. Jesus’ first parable was about SOIL. He knew His listeners would be concerned with growth!

We Can’t Grow in God’s Will Unless We

Know Growth Comes From God ~ John 3:27-30

  • 27 spiritual gifts come from God; no other source. We don’t CREATE our own SEEDS
  • 28 I’m not God: we are Sent to Represent
  • 29 attends the Bridegroom: John t.Bap. is the “best man/M.C. of the day” point to Jesus’ love for the Bride
  • 30 John’s explanation to his own disciples is a MODEL for how we, as followers of Jesus, are to live: HE is to increase in us; we are to DECREASE. Our very SELF is to become less and less important as we become more like Christ.
=> imagine you’ve been given a piece of land to garden; what to do first? REMOVE what you DON’T WANT (rusted car bodies, big rocks, weeds) We get rid of the negatives, so the positives can grow

Care About Our Condition ~ John 3:31-36
(We’re BARREN!)

  • 31 stuck with earthly perspective (we can’t see like God sees)
  • 32/33 God gives us the truth, but it’s not always accepted (because of our “earthly” vision)
  • 34/35 gives the Spirit without limit TO JESUS; when John taught this, the Spirit didn’t indwell anyone yet
  • 36 “will not SEE life FOR”= replace FOR with INDEED; one state (God’s wrathfulness) follows another (willful blindness leads to righteous indignation)

Isaiah 61:11~ For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.

We are the MEANS by which God grows His righteousness and praise for the world to see. Like Adam, we are DIRT; are you going to be rich fertile soil, or dry and barren dust?


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