Snapshots from Mark: Weighing Wealth

Snapshots from Mark: Weighing Wealth Sermon Audio Here

Mark 10:17-31

I recently read an article about a math whiz taking advantage of a lottery; he amassed millions before being shut down. He was more upset about losing the opportunity to use a mathematical loophole than he was about not making money. His attitude reminded me of this section of Scripture…

Warnings About Wealth From The Word

The Problem of Self-Measurement ~ Mark 10:17-22

  • 17 inherit= recognition of relation to God; if God has adopted us into His family, it’s reasonable to ask HOW that is accomplished. THAT is what the man is asking: Do I really belong to God?
  • 18/19 Jesus responds with “keep the Commandments”
  • 20/21 Jesus challenges him to go BEYOND the expected observance of the law, and to give his very SELF away: get rid of everything, and come and follow me. Jesus gave this invitation to very few people directly.
  • 22 Face fell: notice the wide swing of emotion – man ran up and threw himself of Jesus feet in excitement… and then slumped down dejected. Is it possible this man was paying more attention to how he FELT about following Jesus than actually following Jesus? Is that possible for us?

The Paradox of De-Treasurement ~ Mark 10:23-31

  • 23/25 difficulty for the rich to let go of being defined as “rich”; money **shouldn’t** be the thing you use to measure your self-worth, but often is. THAT’s what Jesus warns us about, because if He is to be LORD, that means He gets control of ALL of your life – including what you use to define yourself
  • 26/27 Peter points out this goes against our human nature; Jesus agrees, but the whole POINT of salvation is the REPLACEMENT of our human nature with our SPIRITUAL nature
  • 28/30 Pete: “what about us?” Jesus: yeah, you’re in… AND you’ll receive real-world benefits as well, although that’s not the point – eternity with God is the goal

31 The invitation to the rich man must have shook the disciples (based on Peter’s reaction); Jesus is reminding them that God’s Economy isn’t based on wealth, or status, or worldly measure. We give up our SELVES so that Christ is LORD. That’s how it works.


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