Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully

Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully Sermon Audio Here

Luke 1:46-50

NOTE: This sermon is from I’ve adapted it for my own preaching style, but the content is not mine. I’m grateful to the good people at Advent Conspiracy for helping the Church look at Advent in a different way.

To help us make sense of the Scripture, remember: Mary is young, poor, pregnant out of wedlock, hiding in an obscure hill town which is currently occupied by a foreign power. She is living in utter obscurity. She has no reason to be beside herself with joy towards God. She is of humble estate and yet here she is… flooded with joy, over flowing with gratitude, so much that she burst into song as her spirit soars. WHY?

Why “Worship Fully”?

Because God Sees Us ~ Luke 1:46-48

  • When you know the Divine sees you, your deepest inner person, your soul is touched, and you can’t help but Worship Fully. You can say things like Mary said; “from now on, from this moment on, people will call me blessed. Holy is his name.”
  • The reason for this worshipful response is that the souls deepest longing is to be seen and known. (1 Cor. 13:12)
  • => a little kid: “hey hey hey hey hey!” look at them, and they’re good

We Long To Be Seen ~ Genesis 16:13

  • She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”
  • It’s why celebrity is so intoxicating. These people are seen so we think they must matter. I need to be seen to matter. On top of this need to be seen, our culture can breed isolation which just compounds our loneliness and can feed our despair at not being seen.

In the book Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, the author Dave Eggers captured this sentiment early in the days of reality TV, as his main character writes in to MTV to be on “The Real World.”

Dear Producers,
Something is radiating deep within me and it must be transmitted or
I will implode and the world will suffer a great loss, unawares. Epic
are the proportions of my soul, yet without a scope who cares who
I am? This is why I must but must be one of the inhabitants of MTV’s
“Real World.” Only there, burning brightly into a million dazzled
eyes, will my as yet uncontoured self assume the beauteous forms
that are not just its own, but an entire market niche’s, due.
I am a Kirk Cameron-Kurt Cobain figure, roguishly quirky, dandified
but down to earth, kooky but comprehensible; denizen of the growing penumbra between alternative and mainstream culture; angsty prophet of the already bygone apocalypse, yet upbeat, stylish and sexy!
Oh MTV, take me, make me, wake me from my formless slumbers
and place me in the dreamy Real World of target marketing.

  • God sees Mary not because of her looks, her intellect, her status, her importance. God looks and sees her in her humble estate, her obscurity.

When We Know God Sees Us, We Worship ~ Luke 1:49-50

  • After she sees and experiences this for her own life she says, trust in God, “from generation to generation”.
  • 51-55: she focuses on not what she has done, or even that she is seen. Her focus goes back to what GOD has done!

This is the story of Christmas, that God has seen us, and that He sees those in need. This is why we as a church have chosen to celebrate Christmas this year by worshipping fully the God who sees and loves us and in response, see and love those that are in need around us and around the world.

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