Trinity Sunday: An Ocean of Mystery

Trinity Sunday: An Ocean of Mystery Sermon Audio Here

Genesis 1:1-5

Today in the Christian Year, we are celebrating Trinity Sunday. I read this quote, editied for brevity: “My favorite definition of the Trinity—is that God is, in God’s fundamental essence, a community of persons. God’s very identity is communal.” It’s been said that you can’t talk about the Trinity for more than a few moments without falling into heresy, so I’ll try to be brief. Just as I couldn’t comprehend the full content and nature of the ocean, I can’t fully grasp God’s nature either. Both are too deep for me. But I can appreciate what glimpses I can get…

When I walk on the beach and look out at the ocean, I’m always struck at the immensity of the thing: it’s just SO HUGE. I’m very aware of how small I am in comparison. It’s like that with God; the first thing that comes to mind with this Ocean of Mystery is that it’s bigger than I am! To Fathom This Ocean of Mystery, Ask

WHO IS WORKING? ~ Genesis 1:1-5
Instead of walking through the process of creation (as is often done when reading Genesis 1), notice WHO is at work: God mentioned generically, Spirit of God mentioned specifically; ELOHIM, word for God in Genesis 1 is a PLURAL WORD (‘im) that describes a SINGULAR ENTITY. So, Spirit of God is RUACH ELOHIM, the wind/breath of God – another way to describe God’s creative aspect

Just as we’re aware of the immensity of the ocean, we’re aware of its complexity: all the life it contains, all the respect we must have for it (or else we’re in danger). How much more the Mystery of God? We can gain more insight when we consider…

WHAT IS DONE? ~ Genesis 1:31-2:4a
Next, we notice WHAT was done; God has created all, has determined it to be good, and then rested and blessed

Growing up on the coast of Puget Sound, I learned lots of ways in which we benefit from the ocean. Over time, we’ve learned that the ocean can sustain, provide, nurture, and shape a culture. And yet, God created all these oceans on this one planet, and uncounted millions of planets in the vast ocean of space. That vast complexity points to the idea that we’re not alone…

HOW DO WE ACT? ~ Matthew 28:16-20
Finally, we notice HOW we are to interact with God: as plural AND singular at the same time; God is community within Godself; God is in community with us; WE are in community with each other

The church that is living out God’s mission in the world does so in God’s image: as a community of persons.” We know Who is at work; we know What He has done; and we can know How we fit into it all.


1 Response to “Trinity Sunday: An Ocean of Mystery”

  1. 1 adenison1 June 11, 2017 at 10:59 am

    This is a great perspective, Ed.

    One I’ve never heard/read before.

    I am wowed!

    While we’ll never know the unknowable on this side….

    I believe we can be ‘transformed’ by, as you touched on, gaining understanding of God’s Vast and Immense all consuming presence and the knowledge of how much each of us is Loved by Him in spite of our seeming insignificance.

    He loves us.

    He loves me.


    Thanks for this, Ed.




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