The JV Team: An Unlikely Savior – Rahab

The JV Team: An Unlikely Savior – Rahab Sermon Audio Here

Joshua 2:1-6/James 2:24-26

We’ve all heard about instances where Christian leaders do something awful, and it brings shame to the whole community of faith. But have you ever considered the other side of the coin?

When Sinners Act Like Saints:

What Do Their Actions Demonstrate?
Joshua 2:1-6 When we read this story, all we specifically see in Scripture are the actions taken by Rahab.

  • But our challenge is to understand that although history judges Rahab’s actions based on faith, we might sometimes have a hard time extending that same privilege to others today. We tend to judge ourselves by our intent: by our own motivations. Since we can’t see the motivations of others, we’re stuck with viewing only their actions. And let’s be honest: don’t we tend to give ourselves a “pass” based on our internal motivations, and others a “fail” based on their mere actions when something happens that we don’t understand?

What Do Their Motivations Teach?
James 2:24-26

  • v24 this justification is not towards God, but towards others; God knows the contents of our hearts, but He’s the ONLY ONE WHO DOES; our faith must result in action for it to have meaning in God’s Kingdom
  • v25 Rahab’s example: an “unrighteous” person (based on her reputation) is CONSIDERED righteous because of her actions in God’s economy
  • v26 we cannot live in compartmentalized faith: it must be joined with real world activity to be functional and whole

If we could hear Rahab herself explaining what she might have been thinking, would it make a difference in how we understand how an “unrighteous” person can be used by a righteous God?


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