The JV Team: Ever Heard of Hur?

The JV Team: Ever Heard of Hur? Sermon Audio Here

Ex. 17:8-13 / 1 Tim.2:1-8

Hur held up Moses in prayer; who are you holding up?

Holding Up the Actions of Belief

Join Together in Prayer
Ex. 17:8-13~ Aaron & Hur support Moses; who do you support?

  • v10 Aaron is Moses’ brother; Hur is a trusted man who helped lead (Ex. 24.14), maybe even Moses’ brother-in-law by marriage to Miriam
  • Notice: the Staff is NOT magic (God works through the Ordinary)
  • Notice: Moses is NOT superhuman (God uses everyday people)
  • Notice: Moses is NOT alone (God stood before him to provide; Aaron/Hur stood beside him to support)
  • It is not Magic or SuperPowers that win the day here: it is an act of faith by simple trusting people

Stand Together In Faith
1 Tim.2:1-8~ Timothy to teach the Gospel; first thing first: prayer

  • v1 We’ve been given the challenge that Moses enacted: to stand before God and bring our concerns to Him.
  • WHY? God knows already! But our simple act of faith in prayer makes a difference; and when we band together, like Aaron & Hur did with Moses, something extra happens
  • (cf. Mat. 18:18-20 – two+ gathered in My name, I am there w/ them)
  • v2 topic of prayer: pray for authorities. WHAT? That they would listen to God
  • v5/7 Jesus stands before God, and intercedes for us all; Jesus does it, Moses did it, Paul did it; it’s OUR turn to stand in for each other

vs 8: when we lift up holy hands, we’re lifting up one another before God. We following in the footsteps of Paul, Hur, and Jesus.


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