Learning from Luke: Render Unto Caesar

Learning from Luke: Render Unto Caesar Sermon Audio Here
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Luke 20:19-26

In this political season, congregations find themselves in tough situations. Should we speak for or against a specific candidate or issue? Should we ignore the political maelstrom? How do we live by God’s principles in a fallen world?

Guard Yourself Against

Twisted Motives – WHY This Issue?
Luke 20:19-22

  • v19 context: Triumphal Entry/Temple Cleansing – they’re TICKED
  • v20 they can’t morally best Jesus; they have to cheat
  • v21 1) they lie “we know”
    • 2) they tell the truth “you teach what is right”
    • 3) they set up the sting “you do not show partiality”
  • v22 the dilemma horns: YES =collaboration w/ occupying enemy; NO=sedition against government. Either way, Jesus will be hauled away out of public (which is the whole point)

Misunderstood Terms – WHAT Is Being Said?
Luke 20:23-26

  • v23 Jesus recognized their loyalty: not to KoG, but their masters
  • v24 Jesus uses elements from their kingdom to make His point
  • v25 Jesus makes a statement about ownership via image cf. Gen. 1:26 (who owns you?)
  • v26 their crafted dilemma didn’t take any other viewpoint into mind; Jesus wasn’t living by their rules, but by KoG concepts for which they had no answer

Those who wanted to trap Jesus tried to make the conversation about politics of the day; Jesus tried (repeatedly) to turn the topic to the Kingdom of God, pointing out that we ALL fall short if we try to create a system of right human behavior if we cut God out. It’s GOD’s kingdom; we just live here.

1 Response to “Learning from Luke: Render Unto Caesar”

  1. 1 adenison1 May 22, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    At the risk of being redundant……I am thoroughly enjoying your guided “Tour D’Luke.”Printing the page here, I grab the Book and, pen in hand, peruse your thoughts most Monday nights.Particularly looking forward to this one.America was Never a “Christian” Nation.Founded by largely, but not exclusively, Christian men opposed to the Tyranny of the Monarchy, fewer than 20% of the populace actively supported the cause of Independance.It was and is an inclusive Republic, governed by a system of Laws based on a Judeo-Christian foundation where Religious Freedom (for All Faiths) was a central focus.Because of the perceived malignancy of a Monarchy, It was envisioned that greater power would be retained by the people/States and not in a central Federal bureaucracy. (Hence the restrictions on Government by the Bill Of Rights)I don’t think God advocates any particular form of Government, let alone any political party, though he did ‘ordain’ Israel’s Monarchy.I believe He wants Godly men to rule justly according to His heart.But with man’s sinful heart gripping the reins of power…Just how ‘involved’ should we be and with what focus?Does an Evangelical heart demand involvement, separation or something in between?Thinking I might be listening to this one.I’m excited to glean your take, Ed.


    Date: Sun, 22 May 2016 16:37:47 +0000 To: adenison1@msn.com

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