Learning from Luke: Getting in the Door

Learning from Luke: Getting in the Door Sermon Audio Here
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Luke 13:22-30

Have you ever looked at the Immigration requirements for different countries? For Austria, they only consider those with skilled jobs. In China, one must be invited by a known Chinese citizen. And immigration from the United States to Argentina is basically unheard of, although ex-pats retire to Argentina without becoming citizens.

What did Jesus teach about being a citizen of God’s Kingdom?

What is Crucial For Kingdom Entry?

Effort Is Needed to Keep Relationship Alive
(Luke 13:22-25)

Effort Alone Doesn’t Replace Relationship
(Luke 13:26-30)

  • v26 being AROUND / knowing ABOUT doesn’t count
  • v27 evildoer= motives don’t match the Owner
  • v28 prophets LISTENED to what God said, and did it. What about us?
  • v29 Jewish warning: people from OUTSIDE Israel would be accepted as belonging OVER native Israel
  • v30 why the reversal? GOD’s values, not ours, make the rules

We can’t automatically assume that because of our background, we’re living like God wants. God chose us for inner relationship, not outward piety. That being said, BOTH must be present (cf. 2 Peter 1:8 – don’t be ineffective or unfruitful)


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