Learning from Luke: The Lord’s Prayer

Learning from Luke: The Lord’s Prayer Sermon Audio Here

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Luke 11:1-13

Isaiah 62:10-11- the Isaiah passage talks about God’s urging His people to pass through the gates, to celebrate His goodness towards them. On Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus passed through the gates to shouts of acclamation and praise. But interacting with God needs to go much deeper than the occasional shout. We NEED to move past the mere waving of palms, and into the deeper places of prayer.

To Go Deeper With God,

Learn the Components of Prayer
Luke 11:1-4

  • v1 Ask God to teach you through prayer
  • v2 Father- close relationship;
    hallowed- holy remembrance;
    your kingdom- submission to God’s will over your own
  • v3 dependence – daily manna
  • v4 Pulpit Commentary: “unforgivING is unforgivEN”;
    conditional nature to forgiveness, LET GO to receive;
    recognize we are VULNERABLE to temptation –
    God never leads us to be tempted (James 1), so this prayer is a reminder that we need to follow God’s holy directions instead of our own fallen nature

Cultivate Constancy in Prayer
Luke 11:5-8

  • v5/6 example of obligation; we are to care for others
  • v7/8 example of boldness; we don’t annoy God with prayer- God appreciates what would drive us to distraction!

Commit to Prayer
Luke 11:9-13

  • v9/10 ask/seek/knock= increase in fervor; keep going in prayer!
  • v11/13 we don’t give rotten gifts, and we’re rotten ourselves – we know to give better than we are; in Matthew, God gives “good things”; Luke is more specific – God gives HIMSELF as our answer to prayer

What prayer could you possibly pray where God Himself showing up wouldn’t help?

This last week, a grandpa “PawPaw” made burgers for his grandchildren, but only one grandkid showed up. Are you showing up for God in prayer?


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