Practical Christianity: Who Chooses The Poor

Practical Christianity: Who Chooses The Poor Sermon Audio Here

James 2:1-17

In June 2013, the Rev. Willie Lyle, the newly-appointed pastor of the Sango United Methodist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee, spent four and a half days living in the streets in the guise of a homeless man. He then transformed back into his role as pastor as he delivered a sermon: The Least Used Parts of the Body.

As Believers in Jesus,

Be Careful of your choices
James 2:1-7

  • v1/4 snap judgments are not godly
  • v5 God *loves* the poor
  • v6/7 judge this: how is Jesus’ name treated?

Be Cautious with your judgments
James 2:8-13

  • v8/11 failure to love your neighbor is sin
  • v12/13 mercy WINS over law!

Be Caring in Your Actions
James 2:14-17

  • v14/16 what is the proof of your faith?
  • v17 faith is like yeast; if it’s not alive, it has no power

Why important to not judge others? Because when we pass judgment, we override God’s job. We put OURSELVES in God’s place – that’s idolatry, and it breaks the First Commandment. You shall have no other gods before Me. INCLUDING YOURSELF.


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