Practical Christianity: From the Ear to the Hand

Practical Christianity: From the Ear to the Hand Sermon Audio Here

James 1:17-27

Nerve from the brain to the pinky

Ulnar nerve entrapment occurs when the ulnar nerve in the arm becomes compressed or irritated. The ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves in your arm. It travels from your neck down into your hand, and can be constricted in several places along the way. Depending upon where it occurs, this pressure on the nerve can cause numbness or pain in your elbow, hand, wrist, or fingers.

When that path is blocked, pain, numbness, even feelings of electric shock can happen!

To Open The Path of Practical Faith:

LOOK for God’s Gifts ~ James 1:17-18

  • v17 “gift” 2 words= “act of giving” & gift itself;
  •      God IS giving (which is good), and what He gives is good
  • v18 He gives US as a gift to Himself!
  •      (that makes us good; cf. Genesis IT IS GOOD 5x)

LISTEN to Others ~ James 1:19-21

  • v19 Listen for God’s gifts in others
  • v20 anger blocks our hearing!
  • v21 “Superfluity of naughtiness (KJV)” anger overflows;
  •      humbly let the Word work in you (shalom)

APPLY the Word ~ James 1:22-25

  • v22 actively listen for God’s Word
  • v23/24 Scan vs. Search
  • v25 blessed IN THE DOING (not a wage)

HOLD ON to Holiness ~ James 1:26-27

  • v26 rein in whatever is not good or true
  • v27 “to keep” keep on keeping on

The gift of faith that God gives is good, but not meant for display only. We are to take our faith out of the showroom, and onto the highway!


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