A Prayer After A Storm

I wrote this prayer years ago, in the aftermath of a hurricane. I found it this week as my family was cleaning out some old boxes, and I thought it might be worth sharing.

Infinite and Sovereign Lord, we ask that You would hear our prayer. We know You are aware of the longings of our hearts, the fears of our souls, the questions in our minds, and the faint nature of our spirits. Hear us from Heaven and speak deeply to our soul. Reassure us of Your infinite love as our finite minds so often lose sight of Your character, Your strength, Your wisdom, Your love, Your power, Your glory, and Your plan.

When the winds blow and the rains come down, we often take our cue from weather reports rather than take refuge in Your unchanging hand. Forgive us, Lord, when we cling to our fear, instead of trusting in Your heart. You know we are concerned about the storms of life, and we ask that You would calm the wind and the waves; let us not lose sight of You in the midst of the storm. We love You; we trust You; and we grasp the grace that You provide, even in the eye of calamity.

We offer up our praise because of how You have blessed us. We thank You for how You shower us with good and perfect gifts. We see Your provision in who You bring into our family. Thank You for the birth of children into loving families, and Lord, we ask that You bring new life into our church family as well. Lord, by Your sovereign will, graft new sons and daughters into Your faith family. We trust You to provide a place where Your people can grow and flourish.

Above all, Lord, break us and shape us so that we can be like Christ. As we share in His suffering, sculpt our hearts into what You would have us to be. It’s Your plan; it’s Your will. Have us pray like Jesus: not our will, but Yours be done. Hear us as we beg Your will be made known in us, and with one voice we say together, Our Father…

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