Bread From Heaven: Pointing to the Prophet

Bread From Heaven: Pointing to the Prophet Sermon Audio Here

John 6:1-21

Misunderstanding Manna from the Messiah – The Jews had this idea that the Promised One, the Messiah, would be like the ultimate prophet – that He would incorporate all of best features of all of the biggest prophets from Torah. Manna from Heaven was a big deal from the prophet Moses – and so the Messiah must be able to provide bread from heaven as well. But the people misunderstood what the Messiah was to do for them…

Setting Us Straight about the Meaning of Manna

Jesus Sustains Us
John 6:1-15

  • v1/6 Jesus recognizes our need
  • v7/9 What can Jesus do with our meager offerings?
  • v10/13 Jesus gives back to us what we give to Him
  • v14/15 we can misinterpret Jesus’ intentions

Jesus Startles Us
John 6:16-12

  • v19/20 Jesus can do the unexpected in our lives;
  • remember DON’T FEAR; it’s Jesus!

When God does something you don’t expect, DON’T PANIC; remember your relationship with Him!

2 Responses to “Bread From Heaven: Pointing to the Prophet”

  1. 1 P. Malakar July 26, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    This topic was my daily bread today morning for me in India. Sorry to reply. Philip


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