Hovering of the Holy Spirit

Shaped By A Savior ~ Hovering of the Holy Spirit Sermon Audio Here

Genesis 1:1-5/Acts 19:1-7
This Sunday is often referred to as the Baptism of Christ Sunday. The Gospel of Mark describes the scene in chapter 1, verses 4 through 11. Notice the Descent of the Holy Spirit as a dove. How did those viewing the scene recognize the Spirit, and not just a random bird? Perhaps these Scriptures will help answer the question.

Can You Recognize the Holy Spirit? Look for

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Creation
Gen.1:1-5 How does the Holy Spirit participate?

  • v1 God is FIRST
  • v2 Spirit is present even in chaos
  • v3/4 God has the idea before the reality
  • v4 God’s ideas are good

The Preparation of the Holy Spirit in Christians
Acts 19:1-7 How does the Holy Spirit make a difference?

  • v1/2 Ask yourself: do you know the Holy Spirit?
    (Greek new believers wouldn’t know about Gen. 1:2)
  • v3/4 Ask yourself: being good, or belonging to God?
  • v5 ask yourself: sign of surrender, or act of identification?
  • v6/7 Holy Spirit effected them: change was present

Can you recognize the Holy Spirit at work in you? Ask yourself: have YOU changed? Are you struggling with old sin? God wants more than to just hover; He wants to change you from within!


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